Texan Goes on TV to Defend 2nd Amendment, But His Shirt Steals The Show

A father whose son’s friend was in the Sutherland Springs church when the attack happened on Sunday, was recently interviewed on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. The shirt he wore has lots of people talking.

Texan Mike Jordan went on Fox News to discuss what happened at the church. His son was across the street from the church, while a friend of his son was inside during the attack.

Ingraham had asked about the fact that no one in the church was carrying a firearm, despite the stereotype that everyone in Texas carries a gun.

Jordan responded by saying that “A small town like this, you know, people go to church, they disarm, leave their guns in the car, because you don’t expect something like this to happen.”

Not to mention the fact that some carry permit holders may not even be able to carry in their church if the leaders of the church decide to prohibit carrying. Such prohibition comes with the force of law.

That aside, Jordan himself was rather vocal about the issue of gun ownership in his interview. His voice was heard loud and clear on the issue even aside from the words he spoke, thanks to the shirt he wore. Take a look at the interview below:

In response to Ingraham’s question about if someone was carrying, Jordan stated that his son’s friend normally does have his handgun on him, but decided to leave it at home since his wife did not go to church that day because she was feeling ill.

“What if this was the day he didn’t leave that firearm at home? What if he did take it with him?” Jordan wondered. While he may not have had the handgun on him in the church, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that he could have been able to escape the church and retrieve his handgun from the car (that’s what an usher did at the church in Tennessee that was also recently attacked).

“If you have one person on the inside that is armed to return fire, it may not have stopped people from dying,” Jordan added. “But it would have been a distraction, it would have gotten that guy’s attention.”

Luckily, there was someone nearby who was armed and ready to confront the man who attacked the church. And as we reported, he has a special skill set that helped him take down the shooter.

Willeford is what we call a “good guy with a gun.” He was in his home next door to the church when his daughter came into the bedroom and told him there were gunshots coming from the First Baptist Church Sunday morning.

A plumber, and former NRA instructor, got his rifle out of his safe while his daughter looked out the window. She said she saw a man in tactical gear shooting up the church.

“I kept hearing the shots, one after another, very rapid shots – just ‘pop pop pop pop’ and I knew every one of those shots represented someone, that it was aimed at someone, that they weren’t just random shots,” Willeford said.

He loaded his rifle and ran across the street – not taking the time to put his shoes on. When Willeford saw the man, he fired at him.

Thank God that he was there. He saved countless more lives. As tragic as this attack was, if not for his brave intervention, we could be talking about an attack with more deaths than Las Vegas.

H/T Conservative Tribune

*Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect a change in Texas’ gun laws as of 2016. Church attendees may carry a firearm in their church facilities only as long as the church does not prohibit such.