Texas’ Campus Carry Law Just Got Even Better

Texas recently celebrated a significant milestone in gun-rights legislation.

A year ago this week, Senate Bill 11 was implemented and allowed carry permit holders in Texas “to carry their weapons onto public universities, including classrooms and dorms.”

However, there were limits to this legislation as it only concerned 4-year public universities, community and junior colleges “could choose exemption for up to one year–and time is up.”

This week all public university campuses [in Texas] are required to allow permit holders to carry their weapons on campus.

But, as Bearing Arms reports, there are limitations to this legislation as each university can make its own rules regarding some locations where carry is not permitted:

For example, at the University of Texas at Austin, faculty and staff can declare their offices gun-free zones. And while students living in dorm can carry in common areas, they are prohibited from keeping their weapons in their rooms.

Conversely, at Texas A&M University, College Station, students are permitted to bring their weapons into their dorm rooms. And while faculty members can make their offices gun-free zones, they must first receive permission from the university to do so.

Each university/college president is required to have an open discussion with students, faculty and staff to create such rules. These rules must then be approved by the Board of Regents or Board of Trustees with a two-thirds vote, before going into effect. As an extra check, every other year, colleges must send these rules to the state legislature for review, and explain why they created them.

Second Amendment activists believe these measures will lead to a safer and more stable campus environment…because, now, law-abiding citizens can carry guns to protect themselves from those who do not follow the law, as opposed to serving as sitting ducks for the rogue and unstable.

Others, however, believe the increased presence of guns on campus will make students and faculty alike “anxious and paranoid, heightening tensions and ultimately creating a poor learning environment.”

You know what really makes for a poor learning environment? Dead students and faculty… I’ll take students and staff carrying all day, every day over that.