Texas Teachers Can Now Have Their Firearms On School Grounds – Well, Kind Of…

Many schools throughout the country are arming their teachers to defend their students against attacks like those at Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary. Texas is one of the states where some districts have authorized teachers to carry firearms on the premises.

Current Texas law only permits school employees to carry on school property with explicit written permission from the district, as per Texas penal code Sec. 46.03:

A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly possesses or goes with a firearm, illegal knife, club, or prohibited weapon listed in Section 46.05(a):

(1) on the physical premises of a school or educational institution, any grounds or building on which an activity sponsored by a school or educational institution is being conducted, or a passenger transportation vehicle of a school or educational institution, whether the school or educational institution is public or private, unless pursuant to written regulations or written authorization of the institution;

Earlier this year, the Texas Legislature enacted a new law that now enables teachers to bring their lawfully owned and carried guns to the school for lawful purposes. However, the limitation is that they are only allowed to keep their firearm in their vehicle; the new law does not affirmatively enact lawful concealed carry on school grounds.

As local Fox affiliate KFOX14 reports, no district, charter, or private school can prohibit a teacher from bringing their firearm in their vehicle. Any teacher who does so must have a valid License to Carry, and the weapon must not be left in plain sight.

The requirement for institutional authorization still stands. This means that, especially in more liberal areas like Austin, hardly any teachers or staff would be able to carry their firearms for protection in the school.

Some districts, like Keene Independent School District, have enacted school carry in their schools for protection of students. The district provides the guns that teachers will carry, and holds training classes for 80 hours a year.

However, the new law is not authorizing that across the state. Leaving the gun in the vehicle is the only viable option state-wide now. This sets up a situation where thieves may try to break into more vehicles looking for firearms. If that is the only place that a teacher may lawfully carry their firearm, it creates a possible incentive for thieves to look for guns.

The move is a step in the right direction for the Lone Star State. Already, parents can store their firearm in their vehicle when picking up students, so this would not be too big of a change.

Nonetheless, Leftists are going to freak at the idea of anyone being able to protect themselves anywhere, especially at a school; ironically, a school is a place where protection would be needed the most, yet they oppose it with all their might. They even go to great lengths to lie about shootings in schools, using those lies to rail against our rights:

The conclusion, based on facts, is that a majority of what Everytown is calling “school shootings” are not. They label any shooting that simply happens near a school as a “school shooting.” They label a gang-bang shooting a school shooting if it happened near a school. They are calling suicides that happen at schools “school shootings.”

The fight to protect our lives, and our students’ lives never ends. And we have to fight not only mere opposition, but blatant disinformation and slander.