The Road to Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire

Governor Sununu signing Constitutional Carry

Governor Sununu signing Constitutional Carry

Today, after over two years of passing Constitutional Carry legislation in New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu (Republican) officially signed it into law, making New Hampshire the 12th state to become a Constitutional Carry state. What does this mean? It means those who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms do not have to ask permission from the government to carry them openly or concealed. In other words, Granite Staters (as New Hampshire residents are often called) can practice their fundamental human right to self-defense how they see fit.

There had been efforts to pass Constitutional Carry in previous years, but they were always defeated with some excuse or another. This time, the effort was different and in a big way. For the first time, a women’s organization was on the forefront of pushing for this bill, the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire, a grassroots organization that provides education to women and also works against gun control measures and for 2nd Amendment legislation. On top of that, all the 2nd Amendment organizations in the state formed an alliance to work together.

The League’s Legislative Director, Susan Olsen, spent hours researching the origins of the pistol/revolver licensing laws in New Hampshire. She discovered that the legislation was put into place specifically for racist and discriminatory reasons (note that all gun control measures were put into place for these reasons in every state). The legislation was signed into law in order to allow state government officials to arbitrarily discriminate against legal immigrants and those who would be union workers thanks to a strike that happened at the time. Unfortunately the law allowed government officials to continue to discriminate against New Hampshire citizens almost 100 years later.


And that’s how the fight was framed to pass Constitutional Carry. It wasn’t easy, though. There were three different bills over a 2.5-year period that passed in the house and senate. The first two were passed under a Democrat governor who vetoed both of them. It didn’t matter that women testified they were denied their pistol/revolver license just for being women. It didn’t matter that others came forward and told their stories of being denied even though there were legally able to purchase and possess firearms according to state and federal law. A majority of Democrats were against the legislation that would end the abuse of Granite Staters.

And of course there were the out-of-state gun control organizations that worked hard to make this legislation fail. Michael Bloomberg’s failed Moms Demand and Everytown worked to make this legislation hit the end of the road at the governor’s office. Governor Maggie Hassan (now a U.S. Senator) vetoed this legislation twice and was paid back quite handsomely with millions of dollars to help in her campaign for U.S. Senate. Hassan chose Bloomberg’s blood money over ending discrimination against her own constituents.

Everytown even hired lobbying organizations in the state of New Hampshire to fight against Constitutional Carry and push draconian gun control bills. Moms Demand never did get any grassroots support — during big hearings on this bill they would maybe have 5 women (at least one who was nothing put a paid hack and is now a paid lobbyist by Everytown). Meanwhile, the 2nd Amendment community would pack the state house. The first bill that came to be voted on (Senate Bill 116) had over four hours of testimony (only four spoke against the bill and three of them were paid lobbyists). The 2nd Amendment community in New Hampshire is large, organized, and are willing to fight for their freedom. Everytown actually has 11 lobbyists on their payroll in the small state of New Hampshire, a state that has some of the lowest crime in the country and no gun violence issues.

The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police testified each time over the course of the 2.5 year fight. Each time they lied about the bill and made up outrageous claims as to why it shouldn’t be passed. Of course, not all police chiefs are members of this organization, which is nothing but a left-wing progressive gun-control organization. Over and over again they made fools of themselves in full uniform.

If you’ve ever argued with a gun control addict about Constitutional Carry or 2nd Amendment rights, one of the first things they bring up is that men are only trying to make up for something they “lack” in other areas. They seem to believe a state with Constitutional Carry will become the “wild, wild, west” or some such nonsense. It doesn’t matter that Vermont has had Constitutional Carry since its inception and is consistently a state with the lowest crime rate of all the states.

The gun control lobby was flustered that women would dare fight for their 2nd Amendment rights. Democrats who claim to be for women’s rights and like to play identity politics had no idea how to deal with women demanding their rights. Democrats pretend to be against discrimination but that’s simply not true. They voted to continue the discrimination and racism that the pistol/revolver licensing law allowed. They voted how their party bosses told them rather than how their constituents wanted them to vote.

This summary of the 2.5 year battle doesn’t explain the massive amount of time and effort that went into passing this legislation. There were gun rallies, protests, press conferences, stickers, memes, letters to the editor, news stories, legislative alerts, testimony, a billboard, activist training, and so much more. A lot of behind-the-scenes work was done thanks to a former senator who really pushed to make this happen. There was even a bill pushed by one of the 2nd Amendment organizations that would have killed Constitutional Carry forever; the rest of the groups fought against it. Every organization got their members to call and email their legislators to keep pushing this legislation. It was a lot of work but the persistence paid off.

In the last election, Constitutional Carry was brought up numerous times in the Republican primary. Every candidate was for signing the legislation. It was then brought up again during the general election. The Democrat running was opposed to Constitutional Carry and wanted to put more gun control into place in the “Live Free or Die” state. He handily lost. That was a message being sent loud and clear. Republicans control every aspect of the state house from the legislature to the governor’s office. Citizens spoke.


Today, Governor Chris Sununu kept his campaign promise and signed Senate Bill 12, AKA Constitutional Carry, into law. The law takes effect immediately. He was surrounded by the grassroots organizations who worked tirelessly to get this legislation passed over and over again. State representatives and senators were also at the historic signing. There were many members of the Women’s Defense League present to take part in this historic day. The citizens of New Hampshire are free. Almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination and abuse will finally come to an end.