This “Daddy’s Little Sharpshooter” Video Had Liberals Losing Their Minds

A man posted an adorable video online of him teaching his toddler about how to handle firearms safely while he was practicing drills. The sweet video serves as a great example of how to educate kids about firearms, but of course, the anti-gun set didn’t see it that way.

The video. “Viral Hog” posted the video online, and since then it has gone, well, viral, according to Bearing Arms.

“I was practicing drawing from holster and dry fire drills and she decided to join in,” the dad said.

What this video can teach others. Melody Lauer of Ballistic Radio and director of training for Citizens Defense Research hopes that this video will encourage others to teach children at a young age about firearm safety and begin a discussion about how important it is to do so.

“To people who don’t understand firearms, seeing a video of a child seemingly ‘playing’ with a gun can be alarming, and if done negligently or carelessly, it can be devastating,” Lauer said, adding:

What they are not seeing in this video, however, is the care with which the father is going through to positively educate that child on the tenets of safe firearms handling. Her gun is a inert training aid. He instructs her on where she should and should not point it. He also models this good behavior for her by being consistent in his own handling in the video.

Early gun safety education. Lauer teaches a Contextual Handgun Course for Armed Parents/Guardians, and went on to discuss that studies have bolstered the importance of teaching gun safety at a young age.

“Studies have shown us that early education and positive exposure to firearms reduces the risk of firearms-related accidents in children. If this family is going to have a gun in their home—as clearly they do—this father is doing is the most responsible thing for his child by educating her and modeling positive gun handling for her,” Lauer said.

The hysteria ensues. Take a look at these ignorant liberal reactions to the video, courtesy of Bearing Arms:

Linda Bale Dad would be in so much trouble if this was mine.

Ben Wiskin Give the kid 18 years and he’ll be murdering black folks while wearing a badge and carrying handcuffs

Russell Deller Exhibiting complete stupidity. When we were kids we played cowboys and soldiers and watched cowboys and soldiers in movies and on tv along with detective shows never realizing how it would have an effect on human behavior in the future. Play serves good purposes but safe play should consider mental as well as physical side effects.

And a few to restore your faith in humanity.

Bronwen Cromwell Taught right from a young age takes the intrigue out of firearms.

Carl McClaflin Outstanding teaching firearm safety and proper handling.

Mike Rupe Teaching the handling of firearms safety cannot start too early. Good job Dad.

Why is this important? This was a great example of both firearm safety education and the importance of spending quality time with your kids.

It’s also ridiculously cute, so there’s that too!