What Gun Grabbing Celebs Had at Golden Globes Couldn’t Be More HYPOCRITICAL


The smug, self-satisfied elitism out of Hollywood was on full display Sunday night at the Golden Globes, and one of the things that you can always count on out of celebrities, hypocrisy, was evidenced in full force.

The very liberal gathering of many who shout about gun control from the rooftops was heavily protected by an impressive security team equipped with the very firearms the Hollywood brain trusts want to take from the rest of us.

As Breitbart reported:

Deadline reported “SWAT team members and armored trucks,” and the UK Independent reported the “FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and Beverly Hills Police Department” were all sending resources. Private security firms were also involved.

This means actresses like Jessica Chastain, star of gun control’s box office flop Miss Sloane, was able to rail against gun rights onscreen, but enjoyed the benefits and safety that guns provide during the Golden Globes awards ceremony. Chastain was nominated for a Golden Globe even though Miss Sloane tanked at the box office, as Breitbart News reported.

Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds was nominated for a Golden Globe also. The New York Daily News reported that just days after the June 12, 2016, Orlando Pulse nightclub attack, Reynolds was busy tweeting instructions to his followers, explaining how they could contact Congress to demand more gun control for law-abiding citizens.

Matt Damon was at the awards also, the very Matt Damon who makes millions using guns in the Bourne film series, yet calls for an Australia-like gun ban for the rest of America.

Why the need for all the security? Guns just make things more dangerous, right? That’s what Hollywood celebs tell the rest of us. And hey, where were all the refugees at the Golden Globes? The Hollywood elites could have opened their doors to refugees and maybe even offered them housing in their palatial mansions. I’m sure they’ve got some extra room…

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It seems as if the Left is well aware of how dangerous the world can be and wants to insulate themselves from it.

It’s interesting as well that they can cling to their Golden Globes and their guns, but when the rest of America clings to their Bibles and guns, they’re chastised for it.

Well, how about this: Hollywood can have their golden idols, but how about they keep their hands off of our guns since clearly they’ve got plenty of their own…