Woman Kills Robber At Work While On Break

Criminals beware: you may think someone is an easy target, especially women, but more women than ever are protecting themselves using firearms.

A St. Louis woman was doing just that when a criminal attempted to rob her while she was on her break at a 7-Eleven.

What happened? According to reports, the woman stepped outside of the convenience store and a would-be thug attempted to rob her. From the NY Post:

The wild confrontation unfolded after the 35-year-old worker, who was not identified, stepped outside for a smoke during her shift at a 7-Eleven in St. Louis just before 3:50 a.m. Monday, cops said. Suddenly, an armed man approached her and tried to rob her — but the woman, who was also armed, pulled out a pistol and shot the man in the chest, arm and thigh.

The suspect, 30, later died at St. Louis University Hospital, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Fellow employees. Employees of the store are now calling the woman “She-Ro” because she fought back and didn’t become a victim. Who knows what the thug would have done if she had just handed whatever he wanted. He had a gun; his first mistake was pointing it at her. According to the NY Post, the employee that was working with her that night quit due to the attack:

Employees told the newspaper that another employee who was working with the woman during the time of the robbery quit later that day.

“We need a security guard — you can quote me on that,” said employee Brian Richardson, adding that the risk of working at night isn’t worth the money.

Richardson, who has worked day shifts at the store since November, said he didn’t know that his colleague was armed.

Why this matters? It matters because more and more people, especially women, are choosing to protect themselves using their 2nd Amendment rights. As more people protect themselves, more criminals may think twice about attacking someone if they have no idea whether a person is armed or not.

Guns save lives. Although these stories aren’t often repeated in the mainstream media, law-abiding citizens use firearms in self-defense thousands upon thousands of times each year. This is counter to the media’s gun control push that firearms are “scary.” They’ll push stories of criminals shooting up gun-free zones, but they rarely push stories of women defending themselves and saving their own lives with a firearm.

Of course, it’s sometimes better to just hand over what a criminal wants in order to avoid any issues altogether, but you never know WHAT is going to happen if someone is pointing a gun at you — which is why it’s better to protect yourself than simply be a victim.