YouTube Targets Gun Owners; Now Making Gun Related Content ‘Restricted’

Because 90 million law-abiding citizens who own firearms shouldn’t enjoy videos about firearms the same way as any other law-abiding citizens enjoy their particular favorite videos.

It seems that YouTube is now restricting access to any gun-related videos and even disallowing the people who make the videos to use the videos in order to make money to produce the videos. As reported on The Truth About Guns:

According to TFB TV, YouTube is now classifying all gun-related content as “age restricted.” That means producers of gun-related content can no longer monetize their video through YouTube’s ad generation engine. Money-wise, they’re SOL. The move has huge implications for gun rights…

YouTube is this country’s second most popular search engine (after Google). The streaming service includes (included?) hundreds of channels devoted to all things firearm: equipment, technique, politics, competition, video games, hunting, the whole shooting match. These channels have been both a gateway to gun culture for countless newbies and a rallying place for lovers of firearms freedom.

Gun-related videos have been an informational source for a lot of people over the years, especially new gun owners. Why YouTube would want to penalize instructional videos shows they are either left wing hoplophobes or they are clueless about the content.

There’s no actual reason for YouTube to be restricting these videos or hurting the producers by not allowing them to make money on the videos. It’ll be interesting to see what excuses they come up with for this outrageous step in the wrong direction.