Getting Worse: Some NFL Stadiums Turning Into Ghost Towns [Pictures]

NFL viewership and ratings are tanking amid player protests and #TAKEAKNEE trends on social media, and its showing at the stadiums.

Ticket sales have demonstrated just how bad things have gotten for the NFL, and empty seats seem to be the new norm at stadiums across the country.

The Daily Wire suggests the league “needs to switch their slogan #TAKEAKNEE to #TAKEASEAT” and ask for forgiveness from fans they’ve shirked in allowing player protests which disrespect the country to continue. Otherwise, they’ll see stadium audiences continue to dwindle away.

The Daily Wire reports:

Over the last year, the NFL’s viewership and ratings have sunk to dismal levels, with polls showing that only 46% now view the NFL positively. Compare that to four years ago when the NFL’s approval rating stood at a comfortable 64%.

Halfway through the season, the NFL has shown no signs of improvement. Players kneeling during the National Anthem with no repercussions have taken a toll, as ticket sales and images from games demonstrate.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has turned a blind eye to players refusing to stand for the National Anthem, while actively discouraging other displays on the field which would be far less damaging to the NFL’s reputation.

The Daily Wire reports:

Goodell simply let the players run roughshod over him with leftist politics. In December 2014, as controversy raged over the killing of black teenager Michael Brown, who punched a police officer, went for his gun, and then charged him before being shot, several of the then-St. Louis Rams went on the field in the fictionalized “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose. The NFL did nothing. Instead, the NFL stated, “We respect and understand the concerns of all individuals who have expressed views on this tragic situation.”

Meanwhile, the NFL threatened to fine players who wore 9/11 memorial cleats (they didn’t follow through). The NFL prevented Dallas Cowboys from wearing stickers honoring police officers.

Then, in late 2016, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the national anthem, supposedly to protest police violence. The league did nothing. This year, dozens of players have followed suit. Nothing.

Empty Seats Galore, meanwhile, has posted numerous pictures on Twitter, showing just how embarrassing things have gotten for the NFL.

Here’s just a few shots from a weekend of matchup games with more empty seats than the NFL is used to.

This is what the league’s silence has done to the sport.

Twitter user Michael Shea, who describes himself as a Private Investor on his profile, suggests the empty seats would have been occupied by “the smart people,” who know enough to stay away.

Sparsely populated stands are the end result of Goodell’s mishandling of controversy and shameless disrespect.

These so-called crowds are nowhere near the level the NFL ought to expect.

And league executives have nobody to blame but themselves. When will they learn?