NFL Gets Crushed

If NFL ratings attended your cousin’s wedding, they would certain win the limbo competition.

How low can you go?

The National Football League sunk to a new low this last Thursday. Their ratings dropped by fifteen percent from last week…which, was also not a great week for the NFL.

According to Smoke Room:

Whether it was because of the total blowout by the Baltimore Ravens over the Miami Dolphins 40-0 or the ongoing controversy over national anthem protests, the game scored a 8.4/14 in metered market results.

Before the game, all the players from the Dolphins and Ravens stood for the national anthem, except for a few who stayed back in the locker room to protest.

Last Thursday night’s nail-bitter between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs ended up with 14.38 million viewers and a 4.5/17 rating.

Indeed, these are some of the worst ratings the NFL has had in almost two decades.

Specifically, there has been a sharp decrease since 2013.

The Daily Caller reports that the popularity of the NFL has dropped by almost 20 percent in the last four years.

That same poll found that “41 percent viewed the league negatively.” This is an increase by 22 percentage points.

But, maybe people just aren’t tuning in to watch certain teams. Could that be the case?

Not really.

Sports Illustrated reports that “twenty-five of 31 teams are drawing lower local numbers than they did in 2016. Nineteen have dropped 5 percent or more, including brand name teams like the Cowboys (7% drop), Patriots (8%) and Steelers (6%), and both New York clubs (the Giants are down 7%, the Jets are down 37%).”

This isn’t miserable Cleveland Browns fans finally throwing in the towel on their abysmal team. It’s something much bigger.

No. It must be something else.

Colin–can you help us understand? Maybe it is a general decline in the popularity of football? All of those concussions?

Is there a call for more peaceful sports?

That can’t be it, because ratings are not an issue for college football.

Indeed, college pigskin is as popular as ever.

I wonder what the issue is then…? What could be the variable?

When owners met to discuss the decline of NFL television ratings, Jerry Jones (the owner of the Dallas Cowboys) told fellow team owners they need to work together:

We’re partners, and over 90 percent of our audience will never set foot in the stadiums you play, and we have to be cognizant of how easy it is for any of them to tune you out, and work to address your causes without burning the business.

Jones is the same owner who told his team that they would not kneel…if they did, they would suffer significant consequences.

“If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period.”

Jones told players he would bench them and he went further than that last week…he fired one. He is smart enough to see the writing on the wall.

Disrespect for country, for military, for our flag does not make good businesses sense. But will other owners see the light and agree with Jones?

Can this downward spiral be corrected?