NFL Ratings TANK; “Lowest Rated Ever”

For the NFL’s ratings, it seems more like a game of limbo than football: how low can you go?

For the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, the postseason for the Lions was on the line, according to Deadline.

It was make or break for the Detroit Lions’ postseason ambitions last night at Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers, and the Motor City boys put it all out there. Taking on a superstar Aaron Rodgers-less Packers on Monday Night Football, the Lions blocked a kick from Mason Crosby early on and rode the tiger all the way to the end for a 30-17 victory in Week 9 of the NFL season. That secures the team a 4-4 record and a postseason shot, which is likely more than can be said of the Packers at this point.

Despite the fact that it was an important game, ratings were still rather poor, especially for a week 9 game.

In week 9, the National Football League dropped to a new low in viewer ratings. For Monday Night Football, the game between the Packers and Lions scored only a 7.6 according to Sports TV Ratings:

They offer a more local breakdown as well:

Understandably, the ratings are higher in areas that are directly affected by the games (Detroit and Milwaukee). However, when looked at from a broader perspective, it shows a greater trend of folks who are not watching games as much as they used to.

It wasn’t just that game, either. The Ravens-Steelers game was also down on ratings.

Now, as Breitbart notes, it’s up slightly from other weeks, but is still one of the worst performances for a Monday Night Football Game in week 9.

So, despite the fact that the game got a higher rating from the previous week, and was up considerably from the MNF season low, it still registered as one of the worst performances for a Week 9 MNF game, ever.

Pundits will attempt to spin this in any number of ways, however, one thing remains clear from these numbers: The NFL, according to industry analysts, almost set a new all-time low for MNF ratings in Week 9.

I guess that folks are still really put off by the kneeling demonstrations that are still happening in the League. It may take the NFL quite a while to gain their audience back and improve their falling ratings.

As we have reported many times over the past several months, things are just not going so great for the NFL right now. Even their advertising has suffered, with slots for ads dropping in price because of the drop in ratings.

With ratings in the tank for NFL games, the next shoe is dropping as we speak.

Ad prices for broadcasts of National Football League games are dropping like a stone, as well.

After all, if nobody’s watching, then nobody’s going to pay a premium for an ad.

Prices for advertising during televised broadcasts are down a almost 7 percent across the league for all TV ads bought each quarter.

The industry publication Broadcasting & Cable reported that the cost of a commercial spot is down 6.7 percent.

Will the League change its stance on kneeling demonstrations during the National Anthem, or continue to stand behind the players who do so?