LAWSUIT: Student Talking About Jesus On Campus Told To Shut Up


This seems to be happening more and more. It seems the war on Christianity is very real!

Via the College Fix:

Conservative attorneys have come to the defense of a student who was simply talking about Jesus in his campus quad when administrators told him to stop because he did not have permission to preach and he might offend someone.

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit earlier this month on behalf of Thomas Nelson Community College student Christian Parks, 24, saying in court documents he was prohibited last fall from his constitutional right to free speech under an onerous and unconstitutional campus policy.

“The First Amendment strongly protects the rights of individuals to freely speak,” Kerri Kupec, a spokeswoman for the firm, said in an interview with The College Fix.

One day in mid-September, “Parks decided that he needed to inform his fellow students and other passersby of their need for salvation through Jesus Christ by preaching in the open, outdoor areas of the … campus,” the lawsuit states, noting the Hampton-based college is on 86.5 acres, and the area in which Parks preached was in a “courtyard that resembles a public plaza with tables and benches.”

He had given similar talks two times earlier that semester, but on Sept. 13 –when he began to do the same thing– “three uniformed officers” approached him and shut him down, the lawsuit states. A few days later, when he tried again, another uniformed officer came and told him to stop, it adds.

Kupec, in an interview, pointed out that when Parks was asked to stop talking, he was not blocking any building entrances or exits, nor did he carry any signs or using anything to “amplify” his voice. He also was not saying anything inflammatory, she added

When did Americans get the right to not be offended? I double checked and it’s not in the Constitution anywhere…

What do you think? Has political correctness gotten out of control in this country?