Cartoon Exposes Climate Change SCAM For The Fraud That it Is


Russ Hepler reports on how ignorant the climate change proponents believe we are.

As President Obama doubles down on the “Climate Change/Global Warming” scheme, real data and “verboten” information keep trickling out despite the bastions of radical left-wing academia and the federal “climate change” bureaucracy.

Now, a new study has just been released which proves the inaccuracy of the vast majority of the temperature sensors used by the “global warming” crowd to justify their “the sky is falling” hysteria.

global warming fanatics

Investors reports:

The narrative says we’re living in dangerous times as man’s carbon dioxide emissions heat Earth. But a scientist testifying before Congress showed that the temperature record telling that story can’t be trusted.

When the media reported — gleefully because it allowed them to advance their agenda — that 2015 was the hottest year on record, the temperature data that supposedly proved this was collected from surface-based measurements. Is this data trustworthy? Not according to John Christy, distinguished professor of atmospheric science, Alabama’s state climatologist and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Christy is a co-author of a paper that showed that about two-thirds of 1,218 government weather stations in the continental U.S. were located on sites that distort readings. These stations fix gauges near heat sources, such as air conditioner exhausts, urban structures that give off heat, and other objects “with unnatural thermal mass.” Christy told the House Science Committee on Wednesday that “it is difficult to adjust for these contaminating factors to extract a pure dataset for greenhouse detection because often the non-climatic influence comes along very gradually just as is expected of the response to the enhanced greenhouse effect.”

Other factors that “render surface temperature datasets to be of low effectiveness,” said Christy, include “lack of systematic geographical coverage in time, unsystematic measuring methods and instrumentation in time and space, the point measurement represents at best a tiny, local area, and is easily impacted by slight changes in the surroundings, which can occur for example when a station moves.”

Well, this is a HUGE DUH!  Of course a thermometer will register a hotter temperature if it’s located next to a stove!

temperature sensor

The same is true if a temperature sensor is placed next to – say an asphalt driveway or an air conditioner exhaust duct.

How stupid do these people think the American people are?

temperature sensor 2

But, such is the fraud in much of “climate science.”  Only data that produce the desired result are displayed in the studies and reports.

All contradictory information and variables are jettisoned.

Investors has more:

Christy believes the more accurate gauge of global temperature is found by satellites and balloons, which measure atmospheric temperatures. It is “much more coherent in space and time in terms of its variations. It is not affected by human development at the surface. It is measured systematically,” he said.

Though satellite and balloon measurements provide a different temperature record than surface-based data, they are consistent with each other. Does this mean we should trust them more? That’s a logical judgment.

Satellite and balloon measurements differ, as well, from the climate change models that predict catastrophic warming. While the average of 102 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate models project sharply climbing temperatures, the observed temperatures from balloon and satellite measurements move largely sideways.

“The models overwarm the atmosphere by a factor of about 2.5,” Christy told the committee, “indicating the current theory is at odds with the facts.”

So, Obama and his merry band of pseudo-scientists aren’t even using the most accurate observable data to come up with their predictions.

weather balloon

If a 1st year grad student used such sloppy methodology to do experiments, they would be expelled and told to go collect garbage for a living.

But, since “Climate Change/Global Warming” is the new secular religion of the left, the public is to take what they say as a matter of faith, not fact.

That strategy isn’t working anymore, however, as more and more people are looking at Obama’s naked ambitions when it comes to “climate change” and they are proclaiming- “the emperor has no clothes”!

By the time all of this gets unraveled, many a career “climate change” advocate will be looking for a different line of work.

garbage collector

By then, the good news may be that there are many “garbage collector” jobs open to them since they will no longer be welcome in the world of real science.