Violent Thug Pepper Sprays Female Trump Supporter On Camera


A young, female Trump supporter was attacked on camera last night during the riots at UC Berkeley.

Internet sensation and self-dubbed “villain” Milo Yiannopoulos was slated to speak at the campus of Berkeley when leftist students took to the streets to protest his message. Things were peaceful… until they weren’t.

What began as a relatively harmless demonstration devolved into violence and vandalism as thugs took to firing bottle rockets and setting fires, as well as smashing windows. They not only destroyed the student union on campus…


… but a Chase Bank and Wells Fargo location as well, according to ABC7 News.

In the middle of the fray was a young woman named Kiara Robles, who was wearing a red hat that said “Make Bitcoin Great Again.” A cheeky play on Trump’s campaign slogan, but not everyone found it funny.

During Robles’ interview with the local ABC affiliate, she was blindsided with pepper spray.

Watch the video below:

After being attacked, Robles confirmed that he was fine and walked away from the cameras.

Only one arrest was made that night.

It’s unclear whether the riotous acts were carried out by UC Berkeley students, or outside forces who used the protest as a cover to cause chaos.

It is worth mentioning that this campus was the home of this photo.


Of course, in 2017, free speech only applies to things you agree with and that don’t hurt the feelings of anyone else.

My, how far we’ve fallen.