10 US Cities Where It’s Legal To Be Topless [List]

Yes, there are actually cities where it’s legal for both men and women to go topless.

In fact, there are probably even more cities than that across the country, as there aren’t as many laws on the books about this topic as you may think.

It’s not clear how many people in some of these cities, men or women, actually go topless, but they can according to the law. From The Daily Caller:

These 10 U.S. cities support equality in toplessness across all genders, although some do come with restrictions. For example, women can go topless in South Miami but only on the beach, and toplessness is only acceptable in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Cities that allow unrestricted toplessness (as long as no other indecent exposure rules are being broken) include Columbus, Ohio; New York City, New York; and Portland, Oregon — but that one is no surprise. Women can also be topless in Madison, Wisconsin, but I’m not sure that anyone would want to with that kind of winter.

These are the following cities that have been “tested” for toplessness (meaning women walk around topless) and passed:

It is some left-wing feminists who keep trying to push for toplessness to be legal across cities in the country. Somehow, running around without a shirt on is far more important to them than jobs, the economy, or actual women’s rights that mean something.

These same women that run around fighting for women to be topless are women who fight for gun control so women can’t protect themselves. Go figure.