60+ Admirals Ensnared in Corruption Probe; “Alcohol-Soaked Prostitute Parties”

The ‘Fat Leonard’ corruption scandal continues to gain weight.

Maritime tycoon Leonard Glenn Francis is currently under investigation for systematically bribing sailors with sex, liquor and other temptations.

According to The Washington Post, this investigation has expanded to include “more than 60 admirals and hundreds of other U.S. Navy officers.”

Most of the admirals are suspected of attending extravagant feasts at Asia’s best restaurants paid for by Leonard Glenn Francis, a Singapore-based maritime tycoon who made an illicit fortune supplying Navy vessels in ports from Vladivostok, Russia to Brisbane, Australia.

Francis also was renowned for hosting alcohol-soaked, after-dinner parties, which often featured imported prostitutes and sometimes lasted for days, according to federal court records.

Booze, babes, and business. Ahoy, matey…

This Malaysian contractor, who is known as “Leonard the Legend”, has “pleaded guilty to bribing ‘scores’ of Navy officials with cash, prostitutes, and other gifts–such as hotel stays, airfare, and electronics–so that they would feed him classified or inside information, which he used to defraud the Navy.”

Millions of dollars have been spent to sway these Navy officials off course.

Though his punishment sentence is pending, others who work for Leonard Francis at Glenn Defense Marine Asia have been sentenced up to 70 months in federal prison.

Neil Peterson, Vice President of Global Operations at Glenn Defense is facing 70 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to submitting “bogus bids, claims and invoices that cheated the Navy of millions of dollars.”

Alex Wisidagama, Global Manager of Government Contrats at Glenn Defense, is facing 63 months in federal prison for preparing and submitting “fraudulent invoices to the Navy for fuel, port tariffs and other services in a $34 million overbilling scheme.”

There have already been 14 guilty pleas from Navy officials.

From making false official statements, to conspiracy, to committing bribery, to providing Francis with propriety information about Navy business to leaking classified ship schedules on ‘dozens’ of occasions; the list goes on and on.

And for what?

Tickets to the Lion King and Lady Gaga.

It’s true.

For example, Commander Michael Misiewicz, who was the former deputy director of operations for the 7th fleet and commander of the USS Mustin has the following counts on his corruption rap sheet:

-Leaked classified ship schedules on eight occasions.
-Leaked classified materials about Navy ballistic missile defense operations.
-Pushed to re-route aircraft carriers to ports controlled by Francis…

…Pleaded guilty in January 2016 to conspiracy and bribery…

…Bribes taken: free vacations for him and his extended family in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore; The services of prostitutes in Manila and Japan; Tickets to a Lady Gaga concert in Thailand; Tickets to the “Lion King” musical in Japan; a designer handbag for his wife.

The progression of this makes sense. Obviously, you’ll need to give your wife a designer handbag after sleeping around in Manila and Japan.

But are Lion King and Lady Gaga tickets THAT difficult to come by? Do you really need to put the security of the United States on the line to get that?

I just wonder if the song “Hakuna Matata” will be stuck in his head while he is in prison.

“It means no worries…for the rest of your days! It’s our problem-free philosophy…Hakuna Matata.”

Or, maybe Lady Gaga will haunt you as you couldn’t hold a “Poker Face” or hide from the “Paparazzi” after your “Bad Romance.”

Ok, I’ll stop ranting about Navy corruption. But you can continue!