75 High School Students Forced To Take Blood & Urine Tests After Beer Can Found at Sports Game

Government school systems are habituating the current generation of students to authoritarian rule. Whether it’s through the dumbing-down of content standards, removing civics and economics, or forced standardization of all things, the public schools system has become a training ground for a subservient populace who will submit in all things to their overlords. But let not the submission training be limited to instruction, it must be demonstrated in many other ways as well.

At a high school sporting event in New Jersey, nearly 75 students were forced to take blood and urine tests after a beer can was found after the event. Later on, other containers were also found; several students were also reportedly acting drunk, according to NBC New York.

After the beer cans were discovered, the school then rounded up about 75 students who were sitting in that set of bleachers, and put them into classrooms. Parents were then notified, and told to pick their kids up and then obtain a blood and urine test, sending them scrambling to ER’s across the county.

The worst part of this is the fact that if any student refused to take the test, it would be assumed to be an admission of guilt!

“District policy and regulation states that failure to comply with a screening is deemed a positive test result and will result in a suspension from school,” according to a letter from Randolph Superintendent Jennifer Fano following the incident.

“On Friday evening I also spoke with the medical professionals in Morristown, Dover, and Denville who were charged with processing the student screenings. The medical professionals understood that our administrators are not responsible for determining sobriety and that we were properly following the law and policy.”

Okay, well a law and a policy can be made regarding anything. Does that make said law or policy morally right? No, of course it does not. Legality is not a substitute for a moral compass, nor a substitute for respecting the dignity of the students.

About five of the students ended up testing positive, out of the 75. Many parents were outraged at the forced blood and urine draw from their kids.

“It’s just the way it was handled, everybody was guilty unless proven innocent,” said parent Stephanie Pangaro.

“Everybody was just so confused, miscommunication. As a parent, you’re going to defend your child to the fullest when you know they’re innocent.”

She later began to empathize with the school officials, though.

“A few days have passed, and you sit back and you look at the whole picture,” she said. “It wasn’t handled correctly, but I think the intentions were good at the time, and it was really to protect everybody.”

But that’s not the way our Constitutional system works, and that’s not the way the situation should not have been handled, intentions aside. The accused has the right to remain innocent until proven guilty, and the accused also has the right to remain silent so as not to incriminate himself.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t just talking to each student, and using facts readily obvious to determine who had been consuming, then ordering these tests. This process treated everyone as guilty, and required an invasive procedure to show innocence, not guilt. (If this were me, I likely would have refused, much to the dismay of my parents; I nonetheless would not have stood quietly with something like this).

I would not be surprised if someone files a lawsuit over this incident, claiming a violation of Fourth and/or Fifth Amendment rights. The question that many have asked about this is if high school and other students have the same rights that an adult citizen has.

When it comes to an issue like this, involving a criminal action, the rights of the accused must be respected. If their rights are not respected as kids, what can they expect when they grow up and integrate into society?

What do you think about this?