9-Year-Old Boy Dressed in Drag Featured as “Covergirl” For Erotic Gay Clothing Line

This is taking things too far.

An erotic clothing line for gay men, The House of Mann, is showcasing a 9-year-old boy dressed in drag as the new “covergirl” for its brand.

The child, whose name is Nemis Quinn Melancon but who goes by the stage name of “Lactatia,” is featured as the covergirl of the company that sells kinky sex items like whips, chains, and leather.

The company’s owner, Brandon Hilton, has been getting destroyed on social media for sexualizing the youngster.

“Woke up to countless tweets telling me ‘kill yourself’ and calling me a ‘pedo’ after we announced 9 year old [sic] drag superstar Lactatia as our new HOUSE OF MANN covergirl,” Hilton tweeted. “If you can’t handle a kid in a sequin onesie, maybe the future isn’t for you!”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh said he did not want Hilton to kill himself, but he does want to see him punished.

But what about Melancon’s parents? His mother has come under fire before for sexualizing her son.

In September the 9-year-old, flanked by his mother Jessica, appeared on England’s “This Morning” wearing a pink wig and black lipstick.

Jessica said it is important that kids “express themselves” and their “creative side.”

“I think it’s extremely important to allow your children to really tap into their creative side, encourage and foster that independent spirit and being an individual,” she said at the time.

“I encourage all parents with their kids, if they have a passion, support it and let them do it,” she said.

The young man said he was inspired to become a drag queen after watching “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.”

“When I started watching [it], I was like, ‘This is an actual form of art and something that actually happens in the world, and I need to do this right this second’,” he said.

Viewers at the time were outraged that Jessica would allow her son to be exploited at such a young age. That anger has not dissipated with this latest news of his covergirl status.

Gay conservative author Chad Felix Greene went on a tweetstorm about this story that nails all of the key points; here are some of the highlights:

This is not a boy in a princess dress at home. This is not about being gay or trans. This is not about a young boy expressing himself or being who he truly is. This 8 year old boy is mimicking the highly sexual nature of drag culture and posing as a sexualized woman […]

Drag culture is adult in nature. Even with a child right there they make adult-themed jokes. There is no child version of drag […]

The issue here is they *want* a 9 year old drag queen to represent the face of the LGBT movement. They see this as progress and validation of everything they’ve fought for.

But in their drive to validate themselves as adults, they put children in adult situations and at risk.

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