ABC Claims Trump is Shutting Down First Amendment


ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd took the liberal mainstream media temper tantrum to a whole new level recently when he claimed that President Trump icing out the Democrat Party’s propaganda arm known as the MSM amounts to “shutting down” the First Amendment.

Dowd told George Stephanopolous, “This is two democracies, two important democracies in the world. And basically, the president of the United States is shutting down part of the First Amendment by not taking questions that are in any way antagonistic in this.”

“I think he thinks relying on his Twitter feed, and sending it out to the millions of people that subscribe to it, and then dealing with very cozy press in this is going to be the way to get through this,” he added.

I must have missed the part in the First Amendment where it says that the president is obligated to take questions from propaganda outlets — especially if they get super butthurt about it.

The meltdown from the entitled leftist media is absolutely hysterical to watch. I hoped that Trump would continue to call out the MSM and choose to take questions from outlets outside of the vice grip of the left as president, and he has done just that.

This is what has needed to happen for some time to begin the process of balancing the media and removing the monopoly the left has had on the media and culture.

Former President Barack Obama took questions from leftist media “friendlies” throughout his presidency and famously shunned even Fox News and, of course, conservative outlets, all under the farcical elitist guise of acknowledging the “legitimate media.”

The Democrat propagandists have hidden behind their own proclamations that they are the “legitimate media” and the only outlets capable of serving as the fourth estate in this country.

Millions of Americans reject their farce and now, finally, we have a president that is willing to stand up to them and give voice to the many Americans that are fed up with their monopoly on the news in this country.

I also get a kick out of how the MSM openly decries Trump speaking directly to the American people as if that is a bad thing. How dare he do an end-run around their fake news filter!

H/T The Daily Caller, The Blaze