ABC Hack Blames Clarence Thomas for Bill Clinton’s Sex Abuse; Just One Problem…

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd, who has billed himself as an independent Republican despite being neither of those things, says it’s not Democrats’ fault they spent years defending former President Bill Clinton despite privately believing he probably was the remorseless sex predator his accusers said he was.

No, the ones who deserve the blame are — who else? — Republicans. And specifically, Clarence Thomas.

NewsBusters reports that during Sunday’s ABC “This Week” panel, Dowd put forth the following, er, novel theory:

“We saw this in ’91, then the Republicans gave up their values in order to get Justice Thomas on the court.”

“They basically called Anita Hill a nut and a liar in order to get Justice Thomas on the court. They empowered Bill Clinton,” he continued to proclaim, devoid of any facts or reason. “But in order to get those things, they decided the ends justify the means. They decided that a tainted person was better to get what they wanted.”

As NewsBusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro notes, there are a number of problems with this theory, including that we had Senate hearings over Hill’s accusations that Thomas sexually harassed her, which also brought to light “her evolving story, or all the testimonies from other women who contradicted her.”

(For those who either weren’t around back then or need a memory refresher, here are a few good rundowns of Anita Hill’s credibility, courtesy of Townhall and The Daily Wire.)

But there’s also one very simple problem that needs no fact-checkers to see — the simple fact that Clinton’s predator behavior predates Thomas’s nomination to the Supreme Court:

The most ridiculous part of Dowd’s analysis was that Justice Thomas’ 1991 confirmation somehow “empowered” Clinton’s alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick in the mid-1970’s. Clinton didn’t need to be empowered because he had a long history of preying on women.

Now, presumably what Dowd meant is that the Thomas hearings didn’t empower Clinton to become a predator; they empowered Clinton to continue being a predator by setting a precedent for Democrats to give him a pass.

But that’s garbage not only because Thomas was innocent and Clinton wasn’t, but because Clinton, as a former Arkansas Attorney General and governor, was a major state political leader from the late 1970s through the 1980s. Former President George HW Bush nominated Thomas for the Supreme Court in 1990.

Among Clinton’s many scandals was “Troopergate,” which concerned a number of Arkansas state troopers who claimed then-Governor Clinton enlisted them to arrange sexual encounters with various women, everything from getting phone numbers and reserving motel rooms to carting him to his affairs in state vehicles and acting as lookouts to even delivering gifts to his mistresses afterward and helping him keep his wife Hillary in the dark about all of it (because apparently she cared back then — if she ever did, that is).

The general public didn’t learn about Troopergate until he was president, but are we supposed to believe that no word whatsoever of Bill’s behavior — no rumors, no private admissions, no open secrets — ever circulated within Democrat circles? Please.

The Democrats gave Bill Clinton a pass for one reason alone: they simply didn’t care about character. And they still don’t.