Actress Teaches Students About The Constitution; Instantly Pays the Price…

Celebrities who actually make America better are rare, and public school districts actually teaching children to understand the Constitution are even rarer, which should have made this the feel-good story of the month. Alas, liberals had to get involved.

The Dallas News reports that actress Janine Turner, a Hollywood conservative who these days also runs the nonpartisan civic literacy organization Constituting America, is under attack for a recent Constitution Day presentation at Eubanks Intermediate School in Texas, for which the school district has of course apologized:

But should they have apologized?

Southlake parents became concerned after learning that their fifth- and sixth-grade children were given copies of a political petition, as well as materials that discussed legislation about helping sex trafficking victims and limiting abortion funding. Others questioned Turner’s qualifications for educating students about the Constitution, noting it is a complicated document that legal scholars and lawyers often struggle to understand and apply to legislation and policy.

To dispatch the secondary charge first, given the state of 21st-century public education, it’s probably safe to say that Turner is plenty qualified to present a more accurate talk on the Constitution than the average elementary-school faculty member. However, that material sounds like it could potentially be age-inappropriate and too biased for a public school setting and sixth-grade level. So what exactly did it contain?

Well, it turns out that “discussed legislation about helping sex trafficking victims and limiting abortion funding” is a highly misleading way to describe the actual handouts:

As an example, [Turner] said the materials disseminated explain her own petition urging Congress to limit the size of bills so that average Americans can understand them. The documents make references to various large legislation such as the No Child Left Behind Act, Affordable Care Act and the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act. She briefly explained how the lack of transparency and complex legalese stalled the trafficking bill when Democrats discovered language that would have limited funding for abortions.

Reasonable people can disagree on whether the petition itself was appropriate, but from this it’s clear that sex trafficking and abortion were incidental to the discussion at best, examples of how putting multiple subjects in single bills derails the legislative process — precisely the sort of discussion that belongs in any civics education.

The actress is sticking to her guns:

Turner, who lives in the Colleyville area, said Carroll administrators and school staff were given copies of the material in the spring when she previewed her presentation. She said no one raised concerns then. Turner is upset that school officials haven’t defended her and that the district’s apology leaves open much speculation.

“The last thing I’d ever want to do is to disappoint a school system or to disappoint a child or a parent,” Turner said, adding that she encourages students to be engaged citizens and explains how the U.S. Constitution empowers them […]

“The things people are saying on the internet are terrible,” she said. “I am the victim of social tyranny and a few parents coming forward when they knew all along. I’m very disappointed that no one in the five days they’ve been dealing with this has reached out to me.”

The slightest bit of real education comes to a supposed place of learning, and liberals get the so-called educators to denounce it. It’s yet another reminder that until conservatives get serious about taking back public schools from the leftist propagandists dominating them, we will never make America great again.