After Condoning Violent Protests, Mizzou Just Got HORRIBLE News

The University of Missouri, which continues to suffer massive fallout from the violent student-led protests that erupted two years ago, plans to shutter three additional residence halls due to low enrollment.

What Happened? The university’s student news publication, The Maneater, announced earlier this month that three additional halls would be “taken offline” next year due to low enrollment, bringing the total number of residence halls slated to be shuttered up to seven.

How Bad Is Enrollment? So bad that during a budget discussion this week, interim chief financial officer Ryan Rapp revealed that revenue from tuition dropped by almost $9 million across the university’s four campuses.

As a result, the university has proposed “raising tuition and required fees of in-state undergraduates by 2.1 percent for the fiscal year that begins in July,” according to U.S. News & World Report.

Who’s To Blame For This? Officials at the university, who two years ago permanently marred the school’s reputation by doing nothing to halt protests by radical “progressive” students hellbent on upending the whole system.

It didn’t help that one of the school’s professors, Melissa Click, was caught on video taking part in the protests and even threatening a student journalist:

Is Lower Enrollment Limited To Just Mizzou? Absolutely not. Speaking with Fox News last year, Kyle Olson, the founder and head of the Education Action group and news site EAGnews, explained that it’s happening everywhere.

“College enrollment is declining overall – perhaps because high school graduates are realizing trivial courses that lecture on ‘white privilege’ and ‘queer liberation’ — just to name two – don’t help one much with employment and real-world problems,” he said.

“Do most reasonable people want classmates who parade through the library finger-waving about the supposed evils of whiteness – or professors who threaten the safety of their students and undermining the very tenant that protects their profession for which she is training them: the First Amendment?”

Probably not.


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What’s The Solution? To save their institutions, officials at the University of Missouri and other such schools need to stop toying with “progressive” radicalism, meaning no more “safe spaces,” no more trigger warnings, no more gender pronouns, no more “Black Lives Matter,” no more protests, and no more leftist buffoonery of any kind.

Unfortunately, many academics appear to be doubling down on leftist nonsense, which is why, at the rate we’re going, universities won’t see their enrollment numbers spike back up anytime soon.