After GOP Office Firebombing Sheriff David Clarke OBLITERATES the Left


Over the weekend, a Republican office in Orange County, North Carolina was firebombed and threatened via a message in spray paint on a neighboring building that read: “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.” On Monday, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke obliterated the Left over this disgusting attack.

On the Laura Ingraham Show, Clarke said, “I don’t think that [Hillary Clinton’s] campaign is involved in this sort of thing, but you know what, they benefit from it.”

“This is white voter disenfranchisement, and if Loretta Lynch is doing anything this morning she’s yawning over this, as is Barack Obama,” Clarke continued.

Clarke highlighted the hypocrisy of the Left when he told Ingraham that their reaction would be much different if a local NAACP office in North Carolina was targeted with “KKK” graffiti, a threat for black voters to “get out of town,” or a noose, according to PoliZette.

“Can you imagine the outrage? Barack Obama would already be speaking from the East Lawn or the Rose Garden, I should say. Loretta Lynch would be having a major news conference this morning that all of the liberal mainstream news agencies would be covering,” Clarke said. “And this, of course, would be blamed on Donald Trump. They would blame his rhetoric.”

He’s absolutely right, as evidenced by CNN’s Brian Stelter blaming Donald Trump for “overheated rhetoric” that he claimed led to this disturbing attack. While Stelter acknowledged that the problem was on both sides, he singled out Trump as “the lead in terms of raising the temperature at this moment in time.”

Clarke went on to explain that he hopes these acts of vandalism encourage Americans to get out and vote:

“But what I’m hoping is that Americans all across this country who have had it with this corrupt government, who have had it with this leftist-socialist agenda, use this as motivation and that the supporters of Donald Trump and his campaign use it to motivate their base, to enrage their base, because that’s what you want at election time,” Clarke said. “What you want going into the last couple of weeks is you want your base to be energized, highly motivated, almost enraged, and just can’t wait to get to the polls.

“And I believe that Donald Trump, if he uses this with his campaign to energize the base, he can get out people who may not have participated in this election coming up,” Clarke added. “Maybe they tuned out of this thing, but they feel they want their country back. They’re done with the corruption. They’re done with the crap going on, the racial discord in this country, and they come out and vote for Donald Trump.”

Trump addressed the attacks on Twitter:

What the Left is doing is truly despicable. We reported here at TFPP that the Left has infiltrated Trump events in an effort to incite violence, and this latest attack — likely by a left-wing radical, but not yet known for sure, in all fairness — along with the many other acts of vandalism across the country including the spray painting of cars at a Maine rally on Saturday, show the lengths the Left will go to silence Americans and take down Trump.

Hopefully voters heed Clarke’s words and not only refuse to allow these criminals to intimidate them, but get out and vote for Trump and against the corrupt Democrat machine.