After Humiliating Budget Defeat, Trump Calls For Government Shutdown In September

In response to Republicans accepting an atrocious budget deal with their Democrat opponents, President Donald Trump has called for a government shutdown come September.

What Happened? Congressional Republicans suffered a humiliating defeat this week by agreeing to a budget compromise with Democrats that gave the left everything it wanted — funding for Obamacare, abortion, “sanctuary cities,” etc. — in exchange for practically nothing.

Enter President Trump:

The only problem is that many conservatives feel as if congressional Republicans aren’t really serious about shutting down the government. If they were at all serious, they wouldn’t have acquiesced to all of the Democrats’ demands this time around.

Moreover, the claim that Republicans will act better if given power has been disproved a number of times. Take the Obamacare debacle, for instance. Republicans claimed they would repeal it once they won the House. Then they claimed they would repeal it once they won the Senate. Then they claimed they would repeal it once they won the White House.

Republicans now control all three branches of government, yet Obama remains…

Speaking Monday evening on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer noted, “That’s what they say every time — they’ve saved their fire, and they don’t use it the next time.”

Why Did Trump Tweet This? The president was likely trying to gin up the base to place pressure on the Republicans to fight harder come Saturday, because without pressure, this week’s defeat will be repeated over and over again.

And it was indeed a defeat. According to The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, “[E]ven Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh are now proclaiming that Republicans are getting rolled” by the doll.

Everybody is fairly upset about the deal, which is why it’s mandatory that Republicans change their strategy going forward. If they don’t, it could cost them “bigly.”


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Could This Affect The Party’s Fate? If Republicans fight back in September, as they claim they will, then they should be okay. But if they keep acting like feckless cowards, they will pay a steep price in 2018 — and an even steeper one come 2020. That’s just a fact.