Alarming Reports Show Abortion Facilities Treat Women With Unsterilized Equipment, Untrained Staff


Every medical care provider is constantly working to ensure that there is no basis for anyone to complain about their treatment in today’s ultra-litigious society. Abortion mills, however, are the exception.

Abortion clinics put profit before women’s safety, and thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedtabortion clinics are no longer required to meet the standards of surgical centers. The Court has ruled that ensuring access to unsafe abortions is more important than ensuring  a woman’s life is not at risk when having an abortion.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision, pro-life activist and former abortion clinic worker Abby Johnson released an alarming report exposing criminal abuses and the violation of health regulations in abortion facilities.

From Life News:

Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson released two government inspection reports this week that reveal how a Texas abortion clinic endangering its patients’ health.

Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, said she is going to release a total of 12 documents over the next few weeks to show the White House that safety regulations are necessary in Texas abortion facilities.

The two documents recently released showed untrained RNs in the Houston Women’s Clinic giving moderate sedation to patients who were having abortions, according to the Alice Paul Group. The report also stated that patients were laid on exam tables that were not properly cleaned or sterilized. There was also tape on the side of the exam table, containing germs that could infect the women, according to the inspection reports […]

Last week, the campaign released the first set of documents . Two of the documents involve inspection reports of the Houston Women’s Clinic in 2015, showing that staff did not have proper training and did not sterilize instruments being used from woman to woman. The third document from Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic indicated that there was no documentation that a minor had parental consent for their abortion, as required by law […]

The leaked documents from Johnson are evidence of the necessity of abortion clinic regulations to keep patients safe. Her #NotOver campaign started a petition asking the White House to support abortion clinic regulations. In order for the White House to respond, the petition must receive 100,000 signatures by July 30. Within the first few day, the campaign already had a few thousand signatures. To help petition for safety regulations in Texas abortion clinics, sign the petition.

Liberals today support abortion at any time for any reason, including abortions of unborn babies at 20+ weeks gestation who could survive outside the womb, irrespective of the risks to the mother’s health.

Not only will the children dispatched in subsequent abortions pay the price for the Court’s decision, but women will suffer injury or death as a result of having an abortion in a facility with deplorable health standards. When patients die because of the incompetent medical staff, filthy abortion mills can say that the Supreme Court said it was okay.

Women should be outraged.  This is the real “war on women” – declaring that their right to an abortion is so sacrosanct that universal safety measures don’t apply.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a ringing endorsement for “back-alley abortions.”