Alert: Briefing Scheduled On Nuclear War

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be hosting a public briefing on January 16th in order to educate the population on “critical steps” to take in case of nuclear war.

The briefing will take place in the Global Communications Center of the CDC’s Roybal Campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

The session will educate the public on what steps can be taken that may save lives in case of a nuclear detonation.

From the CDC website:

While a nuclear detonation is unlikely, it would have devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps,” a notice on the CDC’s website states. “Despite the fear surrounding such an event, planning and preparation can lessen deaths and illness. For instance, most people don’t realize that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation. While federal, state, and local agencies will lead the immediate response efforts, public health will play a key role in responding.

Join us for this session of Grand Rounds to learn what public health programs have done on a federal, state, and local level to prepare for a nuclear detonation. Learn how planning and preparation efforts for a nuclear detonation are similar and different from other emergency response planning efforts.

According to the CDC, non-staff must send a request to attend to the Grand Rounds Team. Attendees will also be required to show a US state-issued photo ID.

The session comes at a time when tensions are high between the U.S. and North Korea.

Former chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff and retired Navy Admiral Mike Mullen told ABC’s “This Week” that the U.S. is closer to nuclear war with North Korea than ever before.

“I don’t see the opportunities to solve this diplomatically at this particular point,” Mullen added.


The Blaze reports:

The session will include information on what public health programs are doing at the federal, state, and local level to prepare for a nuclear detonation, according to the announcement. Additional information will cover how planning for a nuclear detonation is similar to and different from other emergency responses.

The program comes at a time when tensions are rising as leaders from the U.S. and North Korea exchange insults and threats of nuclear war.

In the latest exchange, President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this week that his nuclear war button is bigger than Kim Jong Un’s. Trump added that his nuclear war button actually works.

Former Vice President Joe Biden weighed in on the issue during an interview on PBS “NewsHour.”

Biden said he agrees with retired Adm. Mike Mullen that the U.S. has never been closer to nuclear war with North Korea. Mullen is a retired Navy admiral and served as a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Yeah, I do,” Biden said during the interview. “And that’s why I think that what I worry about — and I’m worried from the beginning — is about fundamental miscalculations. This is not a business deal. This is not about who builds the next skyscraper.”

The former vice president’s jab about skyscrapers of course mock’s Trump’s history in business.

Certainly, the North’s nuclear weapons program has drastically increased its capacities in the past several years, but is it really time for Americans to prepare for the worst?

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