ALERT: Counterfeit Budweiser Beer Operation Uncovered in China

Budweiser beer is one of the most popular beer brands here in the United States. Unfortunately, there are some people out there all too willing to use the name to scam the market.

As our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters report, a secret operation in China was just uncovered that put some sort of counterfeit beer (some sort of sudsy looking liquid, presumably cheap beer) into used Budweiser cans.

The cans are then “resealed” by other workers, and are later sold as if they were really Budweiser products.

Later in the video, Chinese agents are seen entering the premises for an inspection.

You may want to look closely at that can of Bud you just bought the other day after seeing this…

Luckily, this video made its way online so that consumers can be aware of the potential counterfeits. An Anheuser-Busch representative released the following statement about the fraudulent operation:

“Every drop of Budweiser consumed in America is brewed in America at one of our 12 U.S. breweries. The video that has been circulating on some social networks is from a small-scale counterfeit operator in China. We have been working with local authorities to shut it down immediately. Budweiser takes great care in every detail of its product and packaging. Cheap counterfeits have telltale signs that they are fakes such as imperfect seals, improper date coding, product name and text that have errors, and poor quality packaging and graphics.”

The operation in Dongguan, China was discovered in May and was shut down. However, counterfeit cans may still be on the market, so if you’re planning on buying Budweiser any time soon, you’d be all the wiser for taking a closer look at those cans.

H/T America’s Freedom Fighters