All 35K NYPD Cops Forced to Prove How Gender “Sensitive” They Are

In the latest chapter of leftist insanity, all 35,000 New York City police officers are being forced to waste their time taking a gender sensitivity course and then pass a quiz showing how sensitive they are.

The course. The New York Post reported:

All 35,000 NYPD cops are being ordered to complete training — and then take a quiz — to prove they understand men and women can use the public bathroom for whatever gender they identify themselves as, police sources said Wednesday.

The officers are being given until Dec. 31 to watch an online training course titled “Transgender Diversity and Inclusion: Mayor’s Executive Order 16,” which will be available to cops online beginning Thursday.

After watching the video and reviewing a pamphlet titled “Gender Identity and Expression,” they will have to take a quiz to prove they understand the directive […]

The same course was recently made available to supervisors and managers.

Mayor Bill de Blasio. NYC’s mayor decided a smart use of his time included signing an executive order in 2016 which allowed individuals to choose which bathroom in government buildings they want to use based on which gender they consider themselves to be — science be damned.

Why is this important? Police officers have an important job to do, and wasting their time on the politically correct cause du jour is not how they should be expected to spend their time.

Mayor de Blasio and his fellow leftists are working to fundamentally transform this country, and one of the ways they do it is by pushing this social-justice insanity.

To hell with keeping people safe; make sure the mentally ill can hang out in whatever bathroom they want to and make sure no one questions their mental illness or calls it as such. Instead, it shall be called transgenderism — so sayeth leftists.