American College of Pediatricians SLAMS Leftist Transgender Hysteria…

The American College of Pediatricians has always taken the stance that some children indeed experience gender dysphoria and therefore should not be allowed to “transition,” as adult transpeople have decided to do in some cases.

Some adults, especially those who push the extreme LGBTQ agenda, believe that giving children medicine to block the normal behavior of their bodies is completely acceptable. ACPeds, however, believes this is abuse.

They are one of the only organizations that has the balls to stand up to the LGBTQ crowd to stop them from abusing children. They recently came out against a false article written about them, bringing up specific points of truth — something other organizations refuse to do. From ACPeds:

The American College of Pediatricians has held true to its founding principles summarized by its slogan, “Best for Children.” The College has also endured ad hominem attacks for making factual statements that threaten agendas which promote the wants of adults over the needs of children. Attacking the messenger is a tactic commonly used by those who cannot refute a truthful message. Labels, such as hate group, extremist, right wing, miniscule, Christian fundamentalist, and deceptively named, reveal desperate attempts to deflect attention away from facts that undermine a desired agenda.

They go on to cite studies that prove a majority of children grew out of their gender dysphoria after puberty:

Yes, Mr. Turban, prior to the widespread promotion of transgender affirmation, 75- 95 percent of pre-pubertal children with Gender Dysphoria eventually outgrew that distress. The vast majority came to accept their biological sex by late adolescence after passing naturally through puberty. The alternative fact, recently put forth by activists, that large numbers of children who desisted were actually “misdiagnosed” with Gender Dysphoria is debunked by data in Dr. Devita Singh’s doctoral thesis, and also by Dr. T.D. Steensma et. al., as noted in slides 23-25 of our Gender Dysphoria power point.

Another point made by ACPeds is the eugenics of the LGBTQ community, pushing transgenderism onto young people and the harm it actually does to the gay community:

According to the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology (2014), among those youth who did resolve their Gender Dysphoria prior to the present-day transgender affirmation ethos, 63- 100% of boys would identify as gay adults, and 32-50% of the girls would identify as lesbian by young adulthood. Affirming pre-pubertal gender dysphoric children as transgender potentially translates into a significant percentage of LGB adults being sterilized. Consequently, some members of the LGB community stand with the ACPeds against this “transgendering of children” which they view as nothing less than the single greatest form of homophobic hatred, namely, eugenics.

Some in the transgender community have reached out to ACPeds as well and support their scientific, peer-reviewed research:

Some members of the transgender community recognize this and have expressed solidarity with the ACPeds. Rene Jax, a Male to Female Trans author, wrote:

Dear Dr. Cretella,

Chemical castration, sterilization and surgical mutilation are more than just words to me. They are personal and brutal realities; no child should be subjected to this. Thank you.

For decades, self-mutilation was considered a mental disorder, and it still is unless it involves transgenderism for some reason. Suddenly, self-mutilation in this area is considered okay because the left supports it, but other forms of self-mutilation (cutting, etc.) are still considered mental disorders.

It’s disturbing that so many supposed “medical” doctors would think it’s perfectly fine to give a child hormones to fight the naturally occurring way their body is supposed to grow. But their agenda, the agenda of the extreme left, is more important to them that actually taking proper care of children.