American Workers Just Got A HUGE WIN In This Liberal State

Businesses in Bar Harbor, Maine are turning to locals to make up for a shortage of foreign short-term workers that normally fill summer jobs in the bustling seaside resort town.

Since the H-2B visa program has already reached its annual quota, Bar Harbor’s hotels, restaurants and shops can’t bring in any more foreign workers for the rest of the busy summer tourist season.

Like hundreds of similar coastal resort towns, Bar Harbor has for many years depended on the H-2B visas for temporary workers. The seasonal worker visa program allows non-agricultural companies to bring in foreign labor if they are unable to find suitable employees domestically.

But because of new limits on the program, restaurants, hotels and other tourist-centered operations are scrambling to find seasonal employees. Until Congress opens the door to more H-2B foreign workers, those businesses are finding ways to attract locals onto the payroll.

They are coming up with creative ways to attract local labor, reports the Bangor Daily News.

The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce will hold a job fair Saturday in an effort to recruit significant numbers of workers from the region. Just about every kind of business in the town is looking for help, says chamber executive director Martha Searchfield.

“All types of businesses — retail, restaurants, the tour boats, all the trips, everything. All types of workers are needed,” she told the Daily News.

Companies are in such need for employees that they are even sweetening incentives for locals. Searchfield says some businesses are offering flexible schedules that might appeal to older workers who might be interested in working only a day or two each week. And other companies have gone so far as to offer higher wages to entice locals.

This is great news for the liberal state of Maine, as now American workers get their job opportunities back.

It seems Trump is doing what he said he would do: Putting America first!

H/T: The Daily Caller