Americans Remain Optimistic About Donald Trump And The Future


The percentage of Americans who think the country is on the “right track” continues to remain above 45 percent – a level of optimism that was never experienced during the entire Obama Administration.

For the third week in a row – ever since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the number of Americans who say the country is on the “right track” has been at 45 percent or higher. That’s a ten-point jump from two weeks prior, when Barack Obama still occupied the White House.

In fact, according to the Rasmussen Poll, throughout much of Obama’s eight years, the “right track” “wrong track” numbers have been dismal. They were mired in the high 20 percent to low 30 percent, only jumping above 40 percent one time in late 2012.

That was after Obama’s second election, when America still had hope that President Obama could turn things around.

But that 41 percent fell to the mid-30s, then to the 20s by September 2013. By October 2013, they fell as low as 13 percent.

How times have changed.

In a related poll, Americans now believe even more strongly that the U.S. is “special” among all the nations of the world.

Almost seven in ten voters say the United States is more exceptional than other nations. This is up a full ten points from the Obama era. Only 20 percent disagree and ten percent say they’re not sure.

Almost half of Americans also feel the country’s best days are ahead. Another poll shows 47 percent of likely voters feel America’s best days are in the future, while 33 percent say they are in the past. This is also a sharp increase from the Obama era.

H/T: Instapundit