Amid Outcry Over Confederate Markers, New Ones Are Now Going Up

For decades, Confederate statues and monuments stood in places all around the country but especially in the South, where the Civil War was fought hard.

Suddenly, after decades, people have become offended by these monuments?

Not really, it’s just another way for the left to divide the country. And while many ignorant local government hacks are taking down the statues, apparently, others are putting more monuments up, as Yahoo News:

Supporters of these new monuments describe a determination to hold onto their understanding of history.

“What I want to get across is how much the South suffered, not only through the war but after the war, during the Reconstruction years,” said David Coggins, who owns the Confederate Veterans Memorial Park in Brantley, Alabama, which dedicated a memorial to “Unknown Alabama Confederate Soldiers” in September.

Others say race has nothing to do with these new monuments, unlike those erected in the years after the war.

“The problem was with some of the other statues that were put up, that were basically intended to intimidate people,” said Danny Francis, commander of a Sons of Confederate Veterans unit in South Carolina. His group is dedicating a $5,000, 7-foot (2.1-meter) monument Saturday on private land where Civil War enthusiasts from North and South re-enact the Battle of Aiken each year.

“We’re not trying to oppress anyone – we’re just historians. We welcome everybody,” Francis said.

The new markers still send a discriminatory message, according to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Of course, the NAACP doesn’t agree with the monuments. All while not actually supporting black people who aren’t left wingers. They are yet another organization who said nothing for decades until it became a weapon of the left. And since the NAACP is nothing but another tentacle of the left, they have to agree and partake in the lunacy.

Not only should history be remembered and taught but all portions of it should be taught. Regardless of what the left likes to tell people, there were states’ rights were an important issue at hand as well.

Despite the hatred the left likes to spew, hundreds of thousands of men died fighting in the Civil War. Regardless of what side they were on, they should be remembered.

Despite what the left likes to tell people, not everyone was fighting to keep slavery alive. Very few Americans ever owned any slaves. But remember that some Northerners owned slaves as well, so stop thinking they were somehow ‘innocent.’

The people putting up new monuments have been doing so or planning the monuments for years. They aren’t putting them up to cause any controversy or to make a point over the ones that are being taken down. From Yahoo News:

Another memorial, erected last year on Courthouse Hill in Dahlonega, Georgia, was about 17 years in the making, said Tim Ragland, commander of the Blue Ridge Rifles Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1860. Etched into the black marble, it says it’s “dedicated to the men of Lumpkin county who fought, who died, those who returned home, and to the cause in which they believed.”

“We are a historical preservation organization,” Ragland said. “Our job is to protect and preserve the true history of the South and the Confederacy.”

Regardless about your feelings over the Confederacy, the Civil War or the South, removing history does nothing but allow future political hacks to repeat it. This ploy to remove Confederate statues and monuments is nothing but another divisive tactic by the left. Intelligent people know this.

Every American should know the true history of our country – the good, the bad and the ugly.