Ammunition Sales in California May END Due to New Regulations

Left-wing governments like California’s have all sorts of ways to make life difficult for law-abiding gun owners, and the state’s latest bright idea might be one of the most disastrous yet.

Guns America News & Reviews reports that California Proposition 63, which requires background checks for buying ammunition and new licensing for ammo vendors, isn’t set to take effect until January, but questions over how it’ll be implemented have already thrown the viability of even selling ammo at all into question:

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) was supposed to have solidified in July the process for obtaining such a license. But they failed to do so. They submitted the proposed regulations three days ago (December 1), which, as the NRA-ILA points out, doesn’t give ammunition vendors enough time to apply for and obtain a license before the law takes effect.

Even if the Golden State bureaucracy expedites the approval process, ammunition dealers will still not have enough time to get the state’s permission to sell ammunition. Unless the state extends the deadline, 6 million firearms owners in California might not have access to ammunition after the beginning of the new year.

Online sales aren’t an option as out-of-state vendors begin halting direct sales to customers in California.

Texas-based Defender Outdoors announced last month that it will cease direct online sales to California residents on December 17, 2017. Calling Prop. 63 a “whole new level of government oversight,” Defender Outdoors will only ship ammunition to licensed vendors, who may not even be able to receive it for another several months.

Law-abiding Californians also won’t be able to bring in ammunition from another state. As the law expressly prohibits such action. Failure to comply with Prop. 63 will result in a misdemeanor.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the new law muddies the waters as to how long ammo vendor licenses would be valid, and it’s not even clear whether stores would be permitted to keep ammo in open shelving behind the counter.

At Bearing Arms, Tom Knighton points out that this will ironically wind up benefitting big businesses at the expense of smaller retailers, which is the exact opposite of gun-grabbing liberals’ usual class-warfare narrative:

Savvy shooters will likely stock up prior to the implementation of the new law, but that will still leave plenty of shooters without access to ammunition and a lot of vendors unable to sell a product that makes up a good bit of their revenue. This is hurt struggling businesses and small-time operations the most but serve as barely a blip on the radar of big box stores like Walmart.

Way to go, California. Screw over the little guys so you can benefit the larger retailers. Good job.

Say, where are we on #Calexit? California despises the Constitution and values of the rest of the country, and America could do without all of its crap, so it sounds like a win-win for all concerned.

What do you think about all of this? Will the uproar be enough to get even California to ship out, or will this cause gun owners to leave the state in droves? Sound off below!