Another Lawmaker Commits Suicide After Sex Abuse Claims

Another tale of sexual abuse by a politician has ended in death.

The Spokesman-Review reports that former Idaho State Representative Brandon Hixon, a Republican, is dead by his own hand following sex abuse allegations that ended his political career.

Local police discovered Hixon’s body at his home around 7 AM local time this morning, and Canyon County Coroner’s Office determined that he had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hixon resigned in November after the allegations against him led to a criminal investigation. No charges were ever filed, though it appears his life spiraled out of control just the same, with two subsequent arrests for driving under the influence, one of which was accompanied by a charge for resisting arrest.

The Idaho Statesman has some details on Hixon’s troubled past, including the abuse scandal:

Each election cycle, he had addressed a handful of past criminal convictions by describing them as “youthful indiscretions” that he had vowed not to repeat. He was convicted of five misdemeanors before age 21: two for minor in possession of alcohol, urinating in public, having an invalid driver’s license and a curfew violation.

A Caldwell detective in December 2014 looked into a claim that Hixon inappropriately touched someone, possibly a child, according to a partially redacted report the department provided to the Statesman in October. Charges were never brought because the victim involved was not able to provide enough details, the report indicated. It ended by noting the case could be reopened if the victim “was able to communicate to us later that something has happened.”

“Our thoughts go first to family and friends who are suffering from this loss,” House Speaker Scott Bedke said today, announcing the news to Hixon’s former colleagues. “We should … support those who are close to us when they are struggling. Please remember Brandon’s family in your prayers.”

Last month, TFPP reported that another state GOP lawmaker in Kentucky took his own life recently under a similar cloud:

State Rep. Dan Johnson was found dead Wednesday near a bridge in Mount Washington just two days after allegations were made that le molested a member of his church when she was only 17.

Bullitt County Coroner Dave Billings said that Johnson – who described himself as the “pope” of his church – committed suicide. His body was found near a bridge with a single gunshot would to the head. A gun was recovered at the scene.

Officials discovered his body after they were told about a “concerning” Facebook statement and traced his phone to that location.

Johnson denied the allegations and rejected calls for him to resign, WDRB reports. Just hours before his death, he took to Facebook to deny the allegations, saying they were “false” and that “only God knows the truth” […]

Leaders from both parties have called for Johnson to resign after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published an exposé Monday detailing allegations of how Johnson woke his daughter’s friend during a sleepover in 2013 and forced himself on her, slipping his hands up her shirt and bra and putting his fingers in her vagina.

What a heart-rending situation. Whatever the truth may be in either case, God knows it, and these men are in His hands now. Here’s praying that He takes mercy on their souls, and brings comfort and support to the families and potential victims left behind.