Anti-Semitism Drops Worldwide, But It Is On The Rise At U.S. Colleges

These are statistics you really wouldn’t expect to see in the United States and they are pretty disgusting.

According to a new study, while anti-Semitism seems to be down around the world in general, it is on the rise in the United States, on college campuses.

Report. A study was conducted by an organization at Tel Aviv University to track anti-Semitic violent incidents around the world. As reported by JPost:

While violent incidents of antisemitism dropped 12% worldwide in 2016, US campuses saw a surge of 45% in antisemitism, according to data released on Sunday.

The Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with the European Jewish Congress, released its Annual Report on Antisemitism for 2016 during a press conference held at the university.

Why college campuses? College campuses, which boast about diversity and inclusion, are seeing an uptick? How could this possibly be? These are the places that have ‘safe spaces’ for anyone who may be offended by a simple word. Why would there be such a huge increase in anti-Semitism?

One of the most startling findings is a 45% increase in anti-Semitic incidents on US campuses, which the report stated have become hotbeds for Jew-hatred, often under the guise of anti-Zionism and due to increased pro-Palestinian movements, such as BDS on campuses.

Who is breeding this increase? The left is of course. Progressives and their ilk support Islamic extremist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood all while hating on Jews. This actually isn’t anything new. Progressives are the people who don’t even want to call Islamic terrorist attacks what that are when they happen. They seem to want to do everything to protect a specific religious group at the expense of others.

The report also warned that antisemitism should no longer be seen as coming only from the far Right, and that while violent incidents by members of the extreme Left remained low, verbal antisemitism and anti-Zionism abounded.

“We are now witnessing that the targeting of Jews is no longer the sole domain of the far Right. The far Left is now using the same messages, tactics and agenda,” Kantor said. “Indeed, some who describe themselves as liberal and progressive are in league with the most regressive movements, ideologies and regimes.”

Why does this matter? It matters because it is a disgusting statement about U.S. colleges and universities. The extreme left has already pretty much taken over and destroyed higher education (as they have with public) but they are now producing some of the most ignorant and hateful human beings in the country.

You’ve seen plenty of examples in the past, and ongoing, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Part of the problem is the leftists who have taken over education aren’t actually educating students with facts and truth. They are using their hateful biased version of history instead.

College campuses were once the places where people went to share ideas and actually be a part of a diverse culture; instead, thanks to the left taking over, they have become nothing but cesspools of hatred, anti-freedom of speech, and anti-religious freedom.