Anti-Trump Feminist Triggered By Study Saying Men Are Attracted To Thin, Young Women

One feminist writer for Allure (which is a bit ironic, no?) made an observation of her fellow feminists.

Get ready for this. These feminists were triggered by a study that “found men were most attracted to thin and young women.”

According to Allure’s weekend writer Rosemary Donahue, she argued the study’s findings shouldn’t be printed as its “harmful to women”.

According to The Blaze:

The study interviewed male participants from three Caucasian populations, three Asian populations, and four African populations about what female figure they found most attractive.

Donahue argues that the methodology used in the study was in itself “toxic” and should be discarded.

“The participants were all shown 21 sample images of women with varying BMIs and asked to rate the attractiveness of their bodies,” she explained. “This is a bad and demeaning practice. BMI has been debunked as an indicator for health, and the procedure they chose to use reinforces a toxic paradigm we see so often today — rating women based on their attractiveness and nothing else, in a system where aesthetic is the only measure of worth. Though this is arguably the point of the study, normalization of things like this is also the reason we’re in this mess.”

In other news, dinners are better when served warm (and beer is better cold).

Movies are more enjoyable with popcorn.

Walking is more comfortable with shoes on.

Pet owners appreciate dogs who don’t bite.

Our apologies to feminists if basic, common sense triggers them.

Maybe they should stay in their feminist cave to avoid any source of patriarchal oppression.

Really, stay in your cave. We’re tired of hearing about it.

But, if you must, please publish these feminist pieces in Allure magazine — the same magazine that pushes fashion-forward clothing for size zero models, makeup with price tags that cost more than your mortgage, and articles on how to get men to notice you.