‘Antifa’ Organization Releases Terrorism Training Manual

It’s now widely known that the new fascists in America come under the banner of “anti-fascists.”

Calling themselves “Antifa,” they are violent and aggressive, declaring all Republicans and conservatives – and particularly any Donald Trump supporters – to be fair game for physical aggression akin to the tactics they themselves claim to decry. Most are radical socialists, whose political toolkit regularly contains harassment and violence. They routinely advocate for an end to free-market capitalism.

One of these groups is called the “Redneck Revolt,” and now they have a training manual.

Their manual contains sections detaining “executions” and “terrorism.”

Called the “Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla,” it was originally produced by a Brazilian communist group in 1969, but is offered for reprint on their website.

It offers detailed information on how to conduct “kidnappings” and “sabotage.” It’s like an “Anarchist Cookbook,” but focused on committing acts of public chaos on disorder.

That’s not the only “resource” the group provides.

They have a publication called “Piece Now, Peace Later: An Anarchist Introduction to Firearms,” and a variety of leftist pamphlets on anarchism and radical feminism.

The “Redneck Revolt” describes itself as a group made up of “working class and poor people” with declarations of taking “meaningful action” against “our common enemy: the rich.” It lists “militant resistance” as one of the group’s guiding principles.

From The Daily Caller:

“Redneck Revolt” is more than just a website or a call to action. VICE News did a short documentary on a chapter of the armed group when they marched through Asheboro, North Carolina to protest a scheduled rally by the Ku Klux Klan. In the documentary, they yelled chants against both the police and the KKK, to the ire of residents who support the authorities.

“Racist. Sexist. Filled with hate. America was never great,” chanted members of the group in the filmed protest.

“Redneck Revolt” has gone beyond simply protesting far-right extremist groups, organizing armed rallies alongside other Antifa groups at the Arizona State Capitol to counter a Trump rally. The group reprinted its report, “It’s Going Down,” which received funding through Patreon until its account was suspended last week for Terms of Service violations.

Their Twitter feed attacks traditional “Democrats” and “Progressives” almost as much as conservatives, calling them complicit in the fascist takeover of America.

The group is actively calling for a violent, armed uprising against the American government. Their goal: not a free and democratic society, but one based on left-wing authoritarianism, anarchism, and a “dictatorship of the proletariat.”

Because that’s worked out so well every time it has been tried, right?