SJW Thinks Vest In ‘Apes’ Movie Is RACIST; Just One HUGE Problem…

There must be some therapeutic solution to the level of stupid exhibited by today’s social justice warriors.

Flailing about like Chicken Little, they see race and injustice everywhere … even in a simple blue vest.

SJW™ Deray McKesson wears a blue vest. I don’t know why and it doesn’t really matter. He likes his blue vest.

The man is also a very prominent leftist race-baiter. He’s got 856,000 followers and there are lots of people who actually take what he says seriously.

So when he posted a tweet claiming that (and I am not kidding you) the blue vest worn by the main “ape” character in the new “Planet of the Apes” movie was making fun of him, he was being completely serious:

Now … of course, not only is this not about Deray McKesson. Outside his followers, I doubt anybody knows or cares who he is. This guy thinks the makers of a $100 million movie are going to pick on him specifically and the “Black Lives Matter” movement because an ape is wearing a blue vest like he does.

And man, his minions piled on.

So-called “Anti-racism strategist” Tariq Nasheed pointed this out too, calling the vest “racially coded.”

It is profoundly stupid for one reason: the “blue vest” that these nitwits are carping about is merely a homage to the original 1968 film where they wore the same outfit.

Realizing how shockingly stupid he was, McKesson quickly deleted his tweet; but of course, the Internet is forever.

Nasheed’s post is still up, so we’ll see how for long he’s willing to look like a fool on the Internet.

Given their history, I’m guessing they’re used to it by now.