‘Are We Living In Nazi Germany?’ Trump Responds to Buzzfeed’s Fake News Claim Regarding Russia Ties


BuzzFeed’s leak of what seem like completely faked documents alleging a host of bizarre activities by Trump that the Russians planned to use against him as leverage hit the internet yesterday.

The website called the document “explosive” and “unverified,” two words that should never appear in journalism. In fact, it’s the very definition of “fake news.”

The document contains many glaring errors and mistakes – and we don’t know if it was released by the CIA or some nefarious source looking to hurt Trump. In one outrageous part, it claims Trump had prostitutes urinate on a bed that President Obama and his wife slept in while in a Moscow hotel.

Trump fired back immediately, calling the allegations “COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION,” and “UTTER NONSENSE.”

Trump wondered, in fact, if we were living in NAZI Germany?

Russian officials even denied the report, saying that any news they had “compromising information” on Trump was an “absolute fabrication.”

“There are people who foment this hysteria, who move heaven and earth to keep up this ‘witch hunt,’ ” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov added. “By the way, this is how Mr. Trump characterized this fabrication.”

Folks, this isn’t “journalism.” Even WikiLeaks has denied the authenticity of the documents. And we know WikiLeaks isn’t journalism. So this is something else.

Something much, much worse.

H/T: ZeroHedge