Asking A Transgender If They’re Transgender Is The New Microaggression

Now, merely being curious – or even polite – is a “microaggression.”

Social Justice Warriors are warning the rest of us that asking transgender people if they have had surgery or are merely cross-dressers is itself a “microaggression.”

These tiny violations of social graces – that are apparently horribly racist – are ubiquitous now.

A doctoral candidate who says they are “non-binary” and goes by the name “Francis Walker” writes in an academic website that broaching the subject of surgery or cross-dressing is now to be added to the ever-growing list of things that offend leftists.

One of the most common examples of a cissexist microaggression is asking a transgender person if they have had “the surgery.” The question implies that there is only one surgery (not true), that the surgery is the only way the person can be recognized as a “real” woman or man (also not true) and that the individual asking the question has the right to ask and know about the transgender person’s genitals (obviously not true). The last connotation, at its core, is the one I want to focus on in more depth here, as it can be the most harmful in one-on-one relationships, including those in academe — like the connections we have with our department chairs or supervisors.

Specifically, asking the question is a “cissexist microaggression” (the term “cissexual” effectively means “heterosexual”), Walker claims. It is “one of the most harmful in one-on-one relationships,” apparently especially between professors and students.

“There is a longstanding fascination in academe with trans people, including decades’ worth of research that has made us objects of academic inquiry,” Walker explains. Of course, as The Daily Caller points out, much of this so-called “inquiry” is a result of transgenders’ own fascination with themselves.

Among the horrible things that Walker has encountered: People asking Walker about wearing a women’s cardigan.

The horror!

Also, “cis people — like doctors, researchers and others in academe — assume that they have the right to ask the questions and then to meditate the responses,” Walker whined.

Microaggressions are all the fashion these days. “The taxpayer-funded University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published — and then deleted — a document entitled “Career corner: Understanding microaggressions” which identified golf outings, Christmas vacations, the word “boyfriend” and any interruption of a woman who is speaking as microaggressions.”