Bank Robber Apprehended After Confrontation With Good Samaritan

A would-be bank robber was arrested on Tuesday in Ashland, Ohio after a parking lot confrontation with a bank customer.

James Shreve, 58, a homeless man who was “living in the woods,” attempted to rob a Huntington Bank when a good Samaritan confronted him in the parking lot. An angered Shreve, furious that someone had the nerve to try and stop him, tried to fight the man, but instead fell and knocked himself out.

Garry Burgett Jr, who’d confronted the robber, made sure he didn’t go anywhere until police arrived.

Shreve’s bank robbery attempt proves him to be among the dumbest criminals in the country.

The Ashland Times-Gazette reports:

Burgett was one of two men at the Huntington Bank on Eastern Avenue on Tuesday when James T. Shreve, 58, allegedly handed over a note to a teller in the bank asking the teller to put money in an envelope.

“I knew something was going on,” Burgett said. Burgett, an Ashland resident, said he went to the teller and asked if he had just witnessed was a robbery.

“She said yes,” he said.

That’s when Burgett decided he was going to do something about it. He ran out of the bank and noticed the same man, later identified as Shreve, walking away from bank.

“He seemed (ticked) off when I came up to him,” Burgett said. Burgett said he confronted the man and pushed him, which is when Shreve swung at him, missed and fell over.

Burgett held Shreve on the ground as another man who was at the bank called 911. The Ashland Police Division and the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office then responded to the scene. The Ashland Fire Department tended to Shreve, who was knocked out from his fall and was taken to Univeristy Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center.

Burgett said he felt like he couldn’t just let the robber walk off. He says “adrenaline kicks in” and he wanted to do something. Burgett was at the bank discussing vehicle payments for his son, who is serving in the U.S. military in Iraq.

Thankfully, the bank robber he confronted didn’t hurt Burgett so much as he hurt himself. After knocking himself out by falling on the ground, Shreve was treated for his injuries before being taken to Ashland County Jail. Shreve claimed he’s homeless and has been living in the woods around Ashland.

Shreve has a long history of robbery convictions dating back to 1982.

The Ashland Times-Gazette continues:

Shreve has been in the Ashland County Jail since Tuesday, but was charged with a count of robbery, a second degree felony, on Thursday morning. Shreve appeared before Magistrate Paul T. Lange, by video, from the jail.

Shreve said he was homeless and was living in the woods.

Assistant County Prosecutor Victor Perez said Shreve had prior convictions of robbery in 1982 and 1997.

Lange set Shreve’s bond at $75,000, without the ability to pay 10 percent to get out of the jail.

Arraignment on the charge was set for Friday at 3:15 p.m.

If only more law abiding citizens were as ready to take a stand as Burgett, and more criminals were as bumbling as Shreve, law enforcement would certainly be a lot easier.