How Did You Spend ‘Barack Obama Day’?

How did you celebrate the special day?

I mean Friday – otherwise officially known as “Barack Obama Day” in the state of Illinois.

That’s right. In the “Land of Lincoln,” America’s worst president has now been given an official state holiday.

Former President Obama’s Birthday was August 4, and in a sycophantic display of boot-licking, the leftist State Senate declared that day – now and forever – to be dedicated to him.

The holiday – according to Senate Bill 55 – will be “observed throughout the State as a day set apart to honor the 44th President of the United States of America who began his career serving the People of Illinois in both the Illinois State Senate and the United States Senate, and dedicated his life to protecting the rights of Americans and building bridges across communities.”

There were several lawmakers who merely “abstained” from voting for the measure in both houses, both there was not one vote against it, NBC Chicago reports.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Emil Jones III, the son of a former senate president who was responsible for launching Obama’s U.S. Senate bid in 2004. Emil Jones, Jr. considers himself Obama’s political “godfather.”

It’s not an official holiday where state offices and banks are closed – but believe it or not, Democrats tried to do just that. Luckily, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner – who did sign the “Obama Day” legislation, said it would be a bridge too far to make “Obama Day” a paid state holiday.

“It’s incredibly proud for Illinois that the president came from Illinois. I think it’s awesome, and I think we should celebrate it,” Rauner told reporters in February. “I don’t think it should be a formal holiday with paid, forced time off, but I think it should be a day of acknowledgment and celebration.”

This boot-licking of Obama continues, as in July, lawmakers voted to rename a stretch of Interstate 55 outside Chicago as the “Barack Obama Presidential Expressway.”

Following the official name change, experts predict it will be the most expensive and poorly maintained stretch of road in the state by 2020, full of holes, leaks and mired in a stinky swamp.