Berkeley Protest Escalates As Protesters Arrested And Weapons Confiscated

The fallout from Ann Coulter’s now-cancelled speech at UC Berkeley continues.

We have reported on the developments regarding her planned speech at the uber-Leftist college campus. The University disinvited her, but she planned on coming anyways. Then, threats of violence reached a critical mass, and she did not even have the support of the Young America’s Foundation (the group who planned to host her).

With police unable to ensure a safe atmosphere (actually safe, not Leftist safe), Coulter cancelled. Nonetheless, the demonstrations and escalation continues.

At the Berkeley campus, demonstrations have been happening since yesterday evening. The Leftist demonstrations have gone beyond just signs and marches though, as multiple participants have been arrested on several different types of charges.

According to the Los Angeles Times, who are monitoring the situation closely, a total of 5 arrests have taken place as of 8:12 am PT. The arrests include the following:

  • Stephen Hall, 48, of Oakland on suspicion of attempting to incite a riot and violating probation.
  • Mark Wilder, 52, of Irvine, on suspicion of carrying a concealed dirk/dagger.
  • An unidentified teenager on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.
  • An unidentified person on suspicion of resisting arrest.
  • Donque Addison, 28, of Oakland on suspicion of resisting arrest.

Video was captured of the Berkeley police arresting one of the protesters.

At the campus, many Trump supporters showed up for a kind of substitute rally. This is what the Leftists are demonstrating against. Here is just a short compilation of several speeches made by Trump supporters at the rally.

The day is still young, so I anticipate that there will be more developments out of Berkeley as the day progresses.