Bernie Sanders’ Advice On Guns Is Not Only Stupid – It’s ILLEGAL!


Via Robert Gehl:

Bernie Sanders is either completely detached from reality or he is pandering to the most anti-gun faction of the Democratic party.

At Saturday night’s debate, he told the audience that if you see anybody bringing guns or ammunition into their home, you should call 911.

That was his response to the moderator’s question about racial profiling of potential terrorist suspects.

It’s insane on its face, and presupposes that any firearms owner is an immediate terrorist suspect.

Here’s what he said about reporting strange behavior: “The answer is, obviously: If you see suspicious activity, you report it. That’s kind of a no-brainer. If somebody is loading guns and ammunition into a house, I think it’s a good idea to call 911. Do it,” Sanders said, The Daily Caller is reporting.

The audience applauded because – well, they’re as dumb as the comment is.

Once upon a time, Sanders wasn’t so anti-Second Amendment. But times have changed and he’s courting the leftist Democratic Party, who seems to think disarming average Americans is a keen way of fighting crime.

Just imagine a world where neighbors call the police on each other every time they see someone transport a rifle or a box of ammunition from their car to their house.

H/T Liberal Logic