Bernie Sanders Refuses to Pay Money Owed From Campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to various cities who provided security services for him during his campaign, giving Americans a glimpse of a common problem with socialists.

Sanders’ socialist beliefs are no secret. During his campaign, he avoided using the word that best describes his politics because “brainwashed” people think socialism is bad.

The way Sanders treated cities who hosted him during the campaign is a good example of what socialism looks like.

In spite of his efforts to build a reputation for himself as a defender of the downtrodden, Sanders took advantage of cities who hosted him during his campaign.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both already paid their debts for security services they received while campaigning in various cities, but Sanders has refused to pay the $450,000 he still owes.

Sanders would rather talk political theory than be responsible and pay his due. The Daily Caller reported that in 1971, Sanders was kicked out of a commune because he talked too much and worked too little.

On September 22, Sanders will travel to San Francisco to speak at the tri-annual convention of the California Nurses Association-National Nurses Organizing Committee. He doesn’t seem worried about returning to the state in spite of his unresolved debt to several California cities.

The Daily Wire reports:

Across the nation, in the states of Arizona, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, the Sanders campaign still owes a disputed $450,000 to various cities. Those figures include over $117,000 to the Santa Monica, California police department; $67,000 to the Irvine, California police department; over $44,000 to the Tucson, Arizona police department; over $33,000 to the Spokane, Washington police department; over $28,000 to the city of Vallejo, California; over $28,000 to the National City, California police department; over $25,000 to Upper Providence Township in Pennsylvania; over $23,000 to the Cloverdale, California police department, and over $22,000 to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office in Fairfield, California.

Sanders’ long list of unpaid debt is a good glimpse at what this country would have had to deal with if Bernie Sanders had taken the presidency.

Creating debt is easy for socialists everywhere. They’re quite talented at convincing people that they’ll pay it back when they have no intentions to do so.

Sanders’ wife has a particularly solid background at getting people to fork over their hard-earned money, only to see it disappear forever.

The Daily Wire continues:

The infection seems to also plague his wife Jane, as there have been allegations that she provided false documentation to obtain a loan from People’s United Bank to purchase a piece of land for the Burlington College when she was president. The Burlington Free Pressnoted in late August, “The college took on $10 million in debt to buy a new lakefront campus in 2010 under former President Jane O’Meara Sanders. When fundraising fell short of expectations, Sanders’ successors attempted to stabilize the college finances by selling 27.5 acres of its 32-acre campus to a developer.”

Many of Bernie’s supporters would be surprised to learn that Sanders operates himself like a deadbeat friend who somehow always leaves his wallet in his other pants, and never pays back his debts even as he asks you to vote for him.