Bernie Sanders’ Wife Destroyed This College With Boatloads Of Debt

Burlington College

After Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane, took over as president of Burlington College in 2004, the college quickly but not surprisingly accrued boatloads of debt and plummeted in stature, reported Politico:

Jane Sanders, who led Burlington College from 2004 to 2011, spent millions on a new campus — 33 acres along the bank of Lake Champlain — to attract more students and donations from alumni. It didn’t work: The college failed to recruit enough students or donations to repay its debts and even came close to losing its accreditation.

Moreover, all the money Jane spent on renovating the campus did nothing to enhance the education being received by its students.

Politico explained that the average Burlington student pays $10,569 more than other students at private, non-profit colleges. Yet a whopping 76 percent of students at the school fail to graduate in six years or less.

Only a third of former Burlington College students reportedly earn more than the average individual with just a high school education.

After Jane voluntarily resigned in 2011, the school tried for years to repair all the damage done, but it did not work:

  • Faculty members had hours and benefits cuts.
  • The school’s accreditor placed it on probation.
  • Students demanded that Jane’s successor, Christine Plunkett, resign.
  • Plunkett resigned.
  • “But problems remained.”

Ironically, and rather sadly, students of the school never learned their lesson, as most of its current and former students support socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

One of them, alumnus DeWolfe Morrow, expressed his support for Sanders on the basis of the candidate’s plan to eliminate public school tuition.

You would think watching his former school be flushed down the drain by Sanders’ wife, Jane, would have thought him a fundamental lesson, but apparently, it did not …

H/T Progressives Today