BIG NEWS About Huma Abedin…

Hillary Clinton’s right-hand gal Huma Abedin has needed a new gig ever since it turned out that her boss wouldn’t be crowned Queen — sorry, President — of the United States after all, and now she found one that’s… not exactly what we would have expected.

W Magazine reveals that the former politico has taken a detour in the world of fashion, posing in a photoshoot for the Oscar de la Renta fashion label. There she is on the left (photo by Emma Summerton):

The article lists Abedin as part of de la Renta’s “growing new base,” and quotes her recounting an anecdote about crossing paths with the fashion icon’s new creative team, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia:

Kim, who had always wanted to go out on her own, decided that this was the moment, and she convinced Garcia to join her—much to de la Renta’s dismay. “We told him we were leaving to start our own company 30 minutes before Hillary Clinton was scheduled to come by,” Garcia says. “It was poorly timed.”

“I just remember seeing Laura in the corner crying, with Fernando consoling her,” recounts political aide Huma Abedin, who accompanied Clinton that day. “And Oscar telling us, ‘Can you believe it?! These young people are leaving me!’ ”

The Hill adds:

The 41-year-old Abedin has a history with the famed brand. She wore an Oscar de la Renta wedding gown for her 2010 nuptials to now-estranged husband, ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).


It’s not the first time Abdein has swapped politics for fashion — she appeared in a 2007 spread for Vogue in which she was dubbed “Hillary’s secret weapon.”

Who knows if this is part of any new career direction, but it would actually be a better fit than it might seem at first glance — after all, style over substance was one of the defining characteristics of the Clinton campaign machine.