Bill Nye to Online Forum: “Ask Me Anything;” Immediately Regrets It

Ah, Bill Nye the Science Guy. An icon of growing up in the 1990s, an entire generation knew Nye only as a friendly, unassuming fellow who just wanted to get kids interested in elementary science. So it’s been quite the disheartening experience to see him trade in all of that universal goodwill over the past several years to become a celebrity shill for left-wing scientific lies on issues such as global warming, abortion, and even gender.

So it’s nice to see some all-too-rare instances of Nye getting a bit of comeuppance. Our friends at Conservative Tribune have highlighted a particularly tasty example. It seems that earlier this week, Nye hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session on the popular forum Reddit, something celebrities frequently do to connect with their fans.

It turned out to be a big mistake:

Of course, he opted to ignore all the tough questions.

“Are you still standing by your netflix show?” read one question he avoided answering. “It was very divisive, at least here on Reddit. Personally, I felt my intelligence insulted, and I’m someone who agrees with almost all your views” […]

during the few instances in which the fake “science guy” actually responded to questions, he wound up being down-voted to oblivion.

“I am pretty you’re complaining about something,” he replied condescendingly when one user asked him whether he liked the direction of his widely panned show. “My show, any show, has to be an extension of the host, or it just doesn’t quite work. So far, I’m very happy with BN Saves The W” […]

When someone asked Nye whom he looks to as a “mentor,” he replied with a snobbish rant about how “grownups” don’t have mentors.

“I have a great many academic, scientific, entertainment, and engineering colleagues whose council and advice I seek routinely,” he wrote. “It’s just that I’m the grownup now, with the experience, leastways, I’m supposed to be. I have colleagues more than a mentor. Carry on.”

One really has to marvel at the mindset here. The question is a perfectly innocuous one routinely asked of politicians, artists, athletes, academics, and just about any other sort of accomplished public figure you can think of, and the interviewee virtually never takes it as anything but an exploration of how they got to where they are today.

But Nye’s instinct is to take umbrage? As if the questioner was implying that he still needs mentors or something? Like the Wizard of Oz bellowing thunder and smoke to keep people from peering behind the curtain, perhaps Nye is a wee bit touchy about people potentially noticing that his media reputation is somewhat less than earned.

Conservative Tribune’s V. Saxena notes that Redditors didn’t take too kindly to Nye’s arrogant defensiveness, deluging several of his replies with downvotes. Click on over to CT for some of their favorite highlights; here are a few of ours:

But for my money, the following is the greatest highlight from this particular AMA:

Many people have pointed out over the years that the scientific matters for which Nye has actual credentials are quite narrow and not particularly advanced, yet the mainstream media still has him on to serve as an all-purpose final arbiter for whatever scientific lie the Left is peddling at any given moment.

Bill Nye has fooled a lot of people for a long time, but if his Reddit reception is any indication, more and more people might be starting to see through his act.