Bill O’Reilly Just Got The Last Laugh: He’s Still Being Paid For His Contract

As you probably already know, Fox News has decided to part ways with their most popular cable news personality, Bill O’Reilly.

Fox News had just signed a multi-million dollar contract with O’Reilly and now they’ll be paying the price for nothing.

Backstory. The news comes after the New York Times reported that O’Reilly and Fox News paid around $13 million over the years to women who have filed sexual harassment lawsuits. There was no court date; these lawsuits were all settled out of court. As reported by Western Journalism:

The New York Times released a report Saturday saying that Bill O’Reilly, the host of Fox News Channel’s No. 1 rated cable news program, has privately faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

Since 2002, the host and the network combined have reportedly paid at least $13 million to five women in exchange for their silence and to keep them from pursuing litigation.

Why is the NYT bringing this up now? Some of these cases don’t seem to be anything new but why is the NYT bringing them up now? Is it possible they just found out? That’s most likely not the case but it’s interesting they are bringing this up now. O’Reilly has been the moderate on television who has supported Trump.

Hypocrisy of the left. The NYT along with a majority on the left are feigning outrage over the accusations against O’Reilly yet these are the same people who glorified and held serial sexual assaulter Bill Clinton on a pedestal. Their hypocrisy reeks to high heaven and it seems clear their only motivation is to be a political death squad.

Why did Fox News cave? It would seem there was some internal family fighting about getting rid of O’Reilly from other news reports but why would they cave to the left like this? According to The Hill, they lost over 90 advertisers once the stories came out about the settled lawsuits:

More than 90 advertisers fled following a New York Times report earlier this month that five women were paid $13 million by O’Reilly or Fox to settle sexual harassment suits.

The 67-year-old former cable news king recently signed a multiyear contract reportedly worth $25 million per year.

The payout. Because Fox News had already signed a contract with O’Reilly, they’ll still have to honor millions of dollars in a payout to him because they are cancelling the contract prematurely. This means O’Reilly could get tens of millions in “severance” from the company for doing nothing.

Clearly money speaks, but it’s interesting that Fox News wouldn’t let this blow over before making any decision. Given the left promotes, adores, and supports men who have been accused of sexual assault (*cough Bill Clinton cough*), their claims of outrageous against anyone else are laughable.

Should O’Reilly have been fired for bad behavior? Yes, and probably a long time ago but not based on being pushed by the hypocrites on the left.

Either way, O’Reilly gets the last laugh this time.