Black Professor Who Cried Racism Just Got Exposed As A LIAR

Race-Baiting Black Professor

Imani Perry, a Princeton University professor of African American studies, cried racism after authorities arrested her last Saturday over an outstanding warrant, but judging by newly released dash cam footage from the arrest, she lied.

The Daily Caller explained that when N.J. police officers pulled her over Saturday after they caught her driving 67 miles per house in a 45 miles per hour zone, they discovered an outstanding warrant in her name as per a fine from 2013 that she never paid.

The officers then rightfully arrested her and put her through the exact same procedure every other law-breaking goon experiences, but Perry felt otherwise.

“(I)f it is the standard protocol in an affluent suburb to disallow a member of the community to make a call before an arrest (simply to inform someone of her arrest) and if it is the protocol to have male officers to pat down the bodies of women, and if it is the norm to handcuff someone to a table for failing to pay a parking ticket, we have a serious problem with policing in the society,” she wrote in a 1,201-word diatribe posted to Facebook.

Because Perry felt offended that the police had the audacity to arrest someone from an “affluent suburb” who happened to be black, she of course screamed racism.

Yet like I wrote for the Conservative Tribune earlier this week, her arrest “had nothing to do with skin color”:

It had to do with her breaking the law — over a considerable period of time — and the police taking appropriate action to enforce the law and protect themselves while doing it.

Now watch the dash cam footage from the arrest:

Daily Caller contributor Eric Owens wrote that the cops were “two of the nicest-appearing police officers you’d ever hope to meet.”

Perry disagreed, arguing in her Facebook post that her fate was similar to that of the “poor Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities” which “experience disproportionate police surveillance, harassment, violence, and punishment.”

If perhaps such communities do face more alleged “police surveillance, harassment, violence, and punishment,” I imagine it might be because they commit more crime than other communities.

Speaking of which, guess who else likes to commit crime …


Who’d have thunk it, aye!?